Does anyone else have difficulty in grasping how new things work? At the moment I’m really struggling to use a digital voice recorder. I don’t even want to attempt to try to see how it works. Oh Dear. I use an iPad and the remote on the TV but anything actually new I don’t feel as if I even want to learn how to do it. I was even worse when I was thick with the fog but that has largely lifted now but I’m left with this difficulty in coping with new technology. I will keep trying but does anyone else have this issue? To every one on the East Coast please look after yourself with the dreadful weather over the next day or so. Here in Oz we have many floods and cyclones so I am thinking of you. Barb

Barb, first of all thanks for your good wishes from Oz. As to new technology, thanks to le Beastfibro I’ve not only lost the ability to “internalize” new technology, I’m having trouble with the stuff I did know (part of this problem is caused, I must admit by having to move from a Mac - which I adored - to a PC which isn’t nearly as simpatico). It isn’t just technology though, I used to have a huge vocabulary but now find that choosing the apt word is difficult (not just the $1.00 words, but the simple ones as well) A flare up puts me in a stupor - people complain about my pauses in conversation while I try to find the word I want. And MATH? Forget it. It was never my best subject, now doing simple addition or subtraction (even with the aid of a pen & pencil) is hard.
I used to be a corporate “fixer”.
I WAS a contender.
Did your “fog” just pass away? (Mine’s been growing since before I was finally diagnosed in the '90s.)
How badly do you still battle with it?
Any tricks/tips you can pass on?

Thank you,

Suz, Thank you for your comments, so I’m just not getting old, which was my other thought. two things if I can remember them is firstly my fog I proved when I went on a nothing but organic fruit and veg, removed all possible toxins from my home, got rid of microwave and used only filtered water plus used lots of vitamins but also magnesium and lugol’s iodine. I did that for a year. I improved enormously for three months then stabilized for the rest of the year. Since then I have slowly deteriorated but I am no where near as bad as I was. I wonder what the secondly was, ah yes, I started to write a book about my condition and it was a real struggle, but it has helped me cognitively, my thinking has improved, but still have hassles with remembering how to spell simple words but technology stil dreadful. Considering I have a PhD this is soooooo annoying, frustrating, because at some level, I know that I can do it, except I can’t. I’ve put the voice recorder right next to me, and I am going to keep trying. Thanks for your help in letting me know it’s not just me but this con diton. barb

Hi Barb and thanks for your good wishes! I'm hoping that no one here is too badly impacted by the storm but we're certainly all on edge over it, even those of us just on its fringes.

As to your question, I've ALWAYS been a technological dummy. ALWAYS. Is it a fibro thing to develop problems with technology? I'm surprised and distressed to hear of this particular symptom. It's astonishing how much this idiotic illness can impact our lives. I'm also surprised at how bad some people's fibro fog is, so I'm glad you brought up this conversation. It helps me to better understand what other fibro people are suffering, even if I'm not.

I hope the rest of your fibro fog stays away. And hopefully that the ability to handle technology returns to you. But in the mean time, maybe if you Google the digital voice recorder, you could get some tips in handling it? Maybe even google "digital voice recorder for dummies," not that you are one (it's just a part of the series of books for "dummies.")



Hi, thanks for your comments. At one time I could handle technology easily, work it out for myself. I do have the imstructions here but they don’t seem to make sense to me, and that used to be something that I could do really well, transfer the written word into action, a very practical person, like many nurseas, but now I just can’t get it. I will keep trying though. The hurricane is close so my thoughts are with you for a safe couple of days. barb

Hi Barb, I can’t really help with the voice recorder thing, but petunia’s idea to google it may help. I just had to comment about the whole fog issue, I am having a terrible time with words, spelling, and just saying or writing what I want. It is so frustrating because like you, I know I could do it, but can’t , you said that so well.

Thank you for your well wishes concerning this storm, would you believe I finally, after having to cancel twice, am scheduled to have a sleep study tomm night, ah gee, I can’t leave my poor dogs home alone if it’s that windy.
Hugs & blessings

Wow, Barb, just wow. I had no idea that fibro could be that debilitating. Is it possible that this could be a side effect of some of your meds? The other thing I'd suggest is seeing your doctor to be sure that it's just fibro. I too struggle with spelling simple words sometimes, due to the fibro, and struggle to find the "right" word when speaking, at times. But your losing your ability to comprehend technical instructions does seem a bit more "in-depth" than my more superficial struggles with words and spelling. But then again, Mama Suz is experiencing it too. Maybe it is fibro. I'd just check it out, to be sure.

AOE. Thank you for that supportive information. What that tells me is that this condition is a central nervous system problem.It seems to me that it’s a bit
Ike diabetes in that it effects every cell in the body. Thanks Barb

Dee. Thank you. Good luck with the sleep study, but dogs come first,I understand. I will watch news of the hurricane, take Care. barb

I have been having huge issues with this. I am an University topper in Electronics, and Mathematics is a passion. And I free lance as a Process Consultant. But of late ( especially in the last three months), I struggle with basic instruction booklets. I cannot do simple sums mentally and writing a process document takes me forever. I used to pride myself in error free documents - but , now my documents are full of elementary spelling and grammatical errors. My fifth grader has corrected me a couple of times.

I have been on homeopathic medication for the last 6 years - and do not venture into any other strong medication - so probability of side effects are remote.

I cannot read a book and I used to be a voracious readers. I struggle to understand the plot of the story . I now re-read my old favorites or watch endless re-runs of Friends.

I was a gizmo geek and could crack any new gizmo - but today I struggle to use a new vacuum cleaner.

I am told it is age related - but I don't see others having so many issues.

I am told that it is stress related - have given up trying to explain that I am stressed because of fibromyalgia and nothing else.

I hate going to a new store or a shopping mall as I suddenly panic and am gasping of air - I used to love going to new places - just exploring.

There was a brilliant moment when I was crossing the road - and mid way forgot where I was going!

I hope that this phase is temporary and I will get back my old self!!!

Lucy, thanks for sharing your story. I have experienced all of your hassles that you mention, and at times I think, wow this is dementia, then it gets better, and I can put a lot of things together that I couldn’t before, and all this was much worse when I was deep in chronic fatigue, also when I had really bad chromic fatigue I couldn’t write more than a sentence and didn’t read anymore than a newspaper,and as I said earlier writing the book as difficult as it was,did help. So although I have problems it has improved over the last two years. The issue that I’m really pretty stuck with is the technology. But also as I was reading your post I also felt yes, I have experienced that and its related to also feeling lost and dizzy, off balance. Your story reminded me of where I’m at. Thank you.Barb