Thank you to everyone at LWF

I recently had a chance to tell a few women at my church what it's like having Fibro. One of the woman is somewhat of a know it all medically. As I was telling the other women about how I was diagnosed miss know it all pipes in with Fibro being just a catch all not really a disease. She went on about there not being anyway to test for Fibro. Thanks to all the shared articles from you I was able to tell her about the new findings and that Fibro is considered a "Real" disease. I have never stood up to her about anything. I don't know many people who do. I was diagnosed 12 years ago and this was the first time I was able to tell someone that this is real and back it up.

Dottie S

Hello Dottie,

Wow, what a great feeling that must have been! I bet she was speechless for a change! ha!

So glad to hear that this great group gave you the information, and confidence to redirect this out-of-date incorrect thinking! I applaud your courage and conviction! You go girlfriend!

Sending the biggest hug,


Well done Dottie, proud of you.

I'm an ex-nurse but I just hate medical know it all's !!! Some of my ex colleagues were like that, do I miss them??......NO !!!!

What a courageous and awesome response! You sharing this is a real boost for me and probably for others. We all suffer from the "invisible disease syndrome". Being spineless is usually my best response. No, not really spineless, I just never quite have the right words. I'm happy for you. You know what else? That took some memory on your part! way to go!


Good job! :)

You go Dottie!

That is awesome.. Good for you ...

This was my chuckle of the day! I would love to have been 'the fly on the wall' for this!

BTW, I sent it to Scott!

Hey Dottie

I was just thinking of you the other day. I am so glad you got to share info with your church group. Maybe she will go home and do some research herself and pass it on to someone else.

You go Woman ,Dottie I know what you mean .I am so grateful that this is here for us .and gives and gave you the info you needed to straighten another one out yeah! Dottie!!!!!!!