Toxic Mold Exposure

Does anyone know if they have been exposed to any type of toxic mold? Worked in a building, or lived in a house that had mold problems?

i have and i was exposed at work for about a year with out knowing it and also in my home with no knowledge. the place i worked was a home daycare and it often flooded and even though we didnt have carpet only rugs the mold seemed to grow under the tile and in the one wall. i knew that after working there for a few months i seemed to b sick more than i was well. working around kids i didnt think much of it. i did start having alot of issues with my asthma at the same time but because my asthma usually flared when i was sick once again it wasnt a red flag. it wasnt till after i stoped working there that i found out about the mold problem. i guess shortly after i left they ended up having to replace some tiles and thats when they found the mold.

as far as the mold in my house my bedroom was in our newly finished basement. ass the house settled there ended up being a crack in the foundation but was hidden cause of a bush. what was happening is every time it rained water was coming in behind the drywall in the corner of my room and it was soaking the carpet. while i am not sure how long this was going on it happened enough that when i moved out of the basement there was mold all over the bottom of my night stand. the way the night stand was made it was not easy to notice and so it wasnt noticed till it was moved. we were puzzzeled at how this happened but since the carpet was dry when we move the stand we didnt know what was goin on. my dad wanted me moved to the upstairs bedroom due to me being so sick all the time. it wasnt till then that we noticed the mold. well even though we had no idea how the mold got there in the first place we sstill moved my brother down there. he doesnt have and health isssues so my parents felt it was the only thing to do. well we made sure that we didnt put my brothers bed or dresser in that corner. well over the period of a coulpe months my brother kept noticing his carpet would be all wet in that area at times then would b dry. it took so time to realize it only happened when it rained. it was then we noticed the crack in the foundation. the wall was ripped open and the carpet taken up and wow was there alot of mold. we had the crack fixed and professionals come clean all the mold.

after being away for the place i worked and my room moved i seemed to get better. ya i still get sick and have issues with my asthma at times but its a whole lot better now than it was. i have no idea and i guess i never will know if there was any lasting effect to being exposed to mold. i dont quite remember but i do know that this all took place over about a two year span.

Now we are talking 'MY"allergic stuff, react badly to indoor and outdoor mold was tested at the allergist! My worst exposures were the Stables at Monticello, and King Tut's tomb! As soon as I enter a place and smell mold or mildew, I am out of there, usually coughing, choking and gagging!

There is a side entryway to the basement that gets musty, we leave the light on all day and night.

The reason I started this discussion is that I had a serious and long exposure to toxic mold at my very last job. Worked there for seven years. The building was "sick" and infested with molds from leaking plumbing and roof. Someone reported them to the board of health finally and a laboratory had to come in and test. Employess complained for years of odor but they never did anything about it. The molds that were found were numerous and included black mold and other toxic ones. I saved all the info and gave it to my doctor recently. He is certain that's what is causing the fibro. I am very sensitive to being around mold and my basic allergy test in 2001 came positive for mold allergy reaction.

I will be discussing more with him at end of month. I thought I would post this information and websites since I am currently researching this along with my doctor. There is mention of fibromyalgia if you read through the sites.

The Mold Treatment Center of America accepts insurance and they are opening new offices in Utah, California and Denver, CO, and they have one in Georgia. Not sure if Florida Detox accepts insurance. Whatever I find out about the mold toxicity I will share and post on this discussion, in case someone might be interested in reading it.