Trembling hands

Hi Ev1

This is my first posting, I have been experiencing my hands trembling (shaking) on a regular basis. Wondering if this is one of the many side effects that we have with fibro? I have so many tender points, more then the 18 they say… that they doctors don’t what to do for me…

Many people with FM have “Reactive Hypoglycemia”. This can cause weakness and shaky hands. You need to eat something at least every 3 hours. Don’t consume too many carbs. Check out the Zone Diet as a guide to keep your sugar level in an acceptable zone. Another cause of shaky hands can be a sign of impending acute fatigue. Rest regularly throughout the day whether you feel you need it or not. Eat 5-6 times a day without going too long without any food. Carry a nutrition bar, maybe a zone bar, with you at all times when you are out. At first sign of shakiness and weakness, eat something and rest. Google “Reactive Hypoglycemia”.

Hi Donna,

It is common for doctors not to know what to do for an FM patient. I think they just don’t have the time. There are a lot of books, groups like this, info on the net, and other health providers that can help. Be persistent and be very active in your own health management. As far as “tender points”, I am becoming quite skeptical about specific points. FM occurs everywhere throughout your body where pain can be felt. I think the “18 points” are misleading in that they are the most frequently used areas and therefore they are where the pain is most commonly felt. I don’t think there is anything special about these point. People with FM, as I said already, can expmerience pain anywhere where there are nerves to sense pain. In other wards, anywhere where too much strain or pressure is applied in any area of your body will generate sustained pain for a person with FM. For example, if you stand too long, your feet, knees, etc, will accumulate pain and that pain will be of a sustained(days, weeks, even months or years) nature. They, whoever they are, are beginning to believe that FM is a nerve disorder. I believe they are right and on the right path. Good luck, don’t give up, become an expert on FM, you are not alone!

My hand have become very painful the past six weeks.I am waiting for an appointment with the doctor.I have decided to make a journal to give to my doctor of my daily aches pains etc .Because when I get there I forget half of what I want to say and how I have been feeling.Do you think this is a good idea?