Wondering how everybody is coping with the cold in Canada

This will be our coldest Christmas in 30 years and I am having people here for 6 days, will be laying down quite a bit I imagine. I do not have to tell everybody on here how sore I am with this weather. Went to our granddaughters Christmas concert tonight and just cannot warm up from being in the cold .Hope everyone has a good nights sleep.

Gentle Hugs


Hi Vicky!

I'm an American, but wanted to say hello!

I get this kind of chill that does not leave, it just seems to keep running up and down your body. A hot bath helps, and if you have a little sherry or brandy, as long as it doesn't interfere with your meds. It seems to warm me up!

I wear cuddle duds under everything in the winter, especially the pants.


Stay warm, nice to hear from you and see that you have added a photo, great!

Wishing you well, and warm,