Work.... er volunteering

So I volunteer at local sports arenas in the area. Safeco for Mariners, Centurylink for Sounders (soccer) and Seahawks!!! And Key Arena for concerts and different events. last night was the first Preseason game for the Seahawks. I bartend and I love it but it requires me to leave my home at say 1:30 for a 7 pm kickoff. Doors open two hrs before kickoff and we have to have everything prepped so I am basically on my feet for 9 hours!!! I love my volunteering because my son sings for one of the best choir and show performance groups in Washington. And this may we went and performed at the heritage festival in Disneyland. The kids brought home a total of 10 awards. 4of which were first place gold. And then in 2011 we went to hawaii and will do the same in 2013. So we work these events to pay for the trips. So eventhough I don’t have a job it typically helps me get out of the house at least one day a week. However it kills me! And nothing touches the burning pain that sears through my legs and lower back. Does anyone have any tips on how to relieve some of that swelling and burning pain? Like essential oils or something. I can’t do ice its the only thing that I can’t have touch my skin for even 10 seconds let alone longer. It feels like fire!

I just realised I talk a lot. Lol

Wow. I truly wish I had a solution for you. I had to quit a job due to this same problem. I got a job as a dog trainer trainee and was really excited to do the job. Problem is, the company just kept me on the cash register, which was non-stop standing. Couldn't do it. Absolutely killed my knees, legs and back. Felt like death warmed over. Naw, not even warmed over.

Ibuprofin perhaps? Lyrica? I just can't think of anything to make the pain bearable. I'm truly sorry. Hopefully someone else will have a better solution for you.

Thanks PG! Ibuprofen is not an option for me because of overuse before I had my oldest son. Lyrica didn’t do a darned thing for me. It’s really strange because you’d think what I take would take care of it but it don’t so I thought I’d see if there maybe some organic method that I could try ya know.


Haha! Thats really good for you esp as it pays for your trips. I've done a lot of volunteer work too. You can do almost any job you dreamed of if you do it for nothing. You also don't have to feel guilty if you can't make it one day (or week). It helps build up work stamina, get experience and you get really good references if/when you want to go into paid work too.

I'm not really sure what will help that pain. Do you have rheumatism or other arthritis that causes the swelling? Burning pain could maybe be nerve or muscular, depending where exactly it burns. I like natural medicines but I dont find that they help our symptoms on their own. I always end up needing to see the doctor. Sorry I'm not much help.