Hi I think its great that your still doing work, exams etc,just try to rest and relax as well,I worked with special need children for 5 years teaching but I had to stop now and be a house wife due to just being so poorly, it gets me down at times cause I loved my job and was within 5 minutes walking from my house and 5 minutes from my kids school so it all fit in place with my life.Keep going I would if I was you as long as you can. best wishes Vickie xxxxx.

Dear Vickie

From reading member profiles it makes me feel really sad for all the people who have pushed as far as they could, but were forced to leave the workforce because their bodies just could not handle any more stress and pain. Then they have to apply for disability which is a long stressful process. During this time of waiting many have lost their homes and everything which is heart breaking. But it should not make a person feel guilty. One member wrote that society defines us by what we produce(work) not by who we are. Unfortunately this is true.

I hope you have a support system around you that helps you to remember that your job does not define you. It's who you are that ought to define you.

Gentle hugs