Would be nice to have a spell check

Hi All would love to havve a spell check on here,with this fribo frog most of the time can not think how to writr a word bet most of this is wrong LO Hugs

Google Chrome's spell check is the ONLY reason I use it. I prefer Internet Explorer, but Chrome spell checks everything.... except *some* things like fibro or even fibromyalgia.

I have to type in a lot of boxes like this for school and often I copy and past from Microsoft word. Everything will be fine there, then I past to the forum and it will light up with spelling errors. Sometimes spell checks online just don't catch everything.

But I fully understand and agree! I feel crazy like I can't remember how to spell things sometimes. I get terrified when I have to write things on paper, or if a professor asks me to write on the board in front of the class. I try to write it off as a joke.

spell check, spell check!

I'm glad you've brought the spelling issue up because sometimes /i feel like the biggest dummy when I forget how to spell simple words. It's humiliating and I thought I was going senile until you guys made me aware that it was the fibro.

Don't worry about how it's spelled here Bets. We understand you and know the effort and frustration involved. But if you're worried about it, Firefox offers a browser that spell checks your work here and puts all of the misspellings underlined in red.

I agree. The fibro fog can be tough! My girls have learned to give me time (as i try to find the words I am trying to say)....ugh!

I know it, Bet! With all of the pain, somedays I am lucky to still remember how to spell 'cat'! I am constantly trying to check myself! Like Leslie, when speaking, am constantly having to stop and search for the word too! I feel as though my mind and body have aged 20 years in the last few days!