A Blood Test for Fibromyalgia!

Wow, this would be a miracle !

Fibromyalgia Blood Test

I don't think I would get my hopes up yet. Although it sounds like the Holy Grail for both diagnosing and for monitoring those patients that have already been diagnosed, this test is not mentioned anywhere other than the website that sells it. The company lists itself as:

"a privately-held biomedical company based in Santa Monica, California, who conducted its clinical trials at the Research Resource Center at Department of Pathology, University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago."

I'm sure we'll hear a lot more about this as their advertisement gets around, but I think the first thing we all need to do is ask our doctors for their opinion. I'm very skeptical of a genetic home test kit for such a ground-breaking discovery. Eventually they WILL find a genetic test for FMS, but it should come from a more reliable source. Or have I just become too cynical?

I'd love to hear what everyone thinks, if this is a legitimate test and you would order it, or a waste of $744 !

Good find, Renie! Time will tell as to it's usefulness! We can only hope!

Hi Renie, I second that !! " good find " !! I read through it as much as my brain could handle and while it sounds promising, at this point I’m still skeptical … Don’t want to be a downer, but I don’t think I would spend the money right now, plus in the study the group with fibro were on there meds or had to go off there meds, I have to read it again, actually I’m going to print it and give it to my dr. Perfect timing I have an apt Monday , she will for sure think I’m nuts because I’m giving her the guiefesen protocol to take a look at also, she going to tell me " a patient never brought me home work to do. Before " lol ,
Anyways thanks for sharing… It does give me hope, because if they can identify fibro from this blood test, they can start using it to work on treatments that may actually work !!! Yippi !!! :slight_smile:
Hope your doing ok, I am spending Sunday resting … With Salon pas pads all over me !! Lol
Hugs & blessings

Hi Dee - It was information overload so I only skimmed it too, but I got the feeling that the studies were a little twisted, maybe for the results they wanted. I just don't want to see anyone spend that amount of money on something we don't even know is legit!

Glad to see you're resting...God knows we all need it!

If I have time I'll ask my Rheum about it at the end of the month. See what he thinks of it, see the GP on the 10th will ask him too, hopefully my printer will work so I can take them this article.

Finally! Finally have a computer and printer working at the same time and I figured it out, it's all different with Windows 8! Hard to teach this old dog any computer tricks! ha!

Hey Renie, I agree great find. Way to soon for me to be wasting $744. I think if it

is all good and true, doctors will use this and our insurance can pay the $744 lol. Wishful thinking. When that day comes that Fibro is really recognised, it will be so much easier on all of us in so many ways. Family believing in us, S.S benifits or disability and so on. When you find out more keep us posted thanks again, xoxo

I was just reading a blog fibromodem.com she has a post called dubious diagnostics that talks about this blood test please read. The research was not done properly and the researchers have direct connection to the company that sells the test. This "test" looks for cytokines that are not unique to FMS they are found in many other mental and physical conditions. These so called researchers only tested persons with FMS. Anyway don't waste your monies this is bunk and not credible.

JsMom, That's exactly the feeling I got from it too. I found another website that is pushing the blood test for Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome, an autoimmune disease, saying that it is a definitive test for FMS. Buyer Beware !


It is a cruel world, people selling hope to those at the end of their rope. APS is a clotting disorder caused by the immune system attack on phospholipids (a protein in cells), it is found mostly in women some who already have an autoimmune disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. So far, according to NIH there is no connection to FMS.

I would not pay that much. That is a lot of money. My whole trip to Seattle for the weekend was less than that and I bought two Coach bags and a leather coat. Stayed in a hotel downtown, paid for parking....alot, gas and was at Comic Con spending money on legos.

Clearly...my cash is for fun!

Or to save abused dogs. I just found one that has been so hurt and I am hoping to get her here in my home soon