Age of fibro patients

I was told that most fibro patients get it in their 20-40's. I'm 63 and got it in my mid 50's. Can we try to do a poll-

I think my fibro started when I was:






over 50 years old

Also, when you mention you have fibro, does it seem like everyone says they have it now? Is it the "condition du jour"?

15-25 and yes if I say it others are like oh I have that, which means they really don’t. Or I know so and so who has that.

As far as i can tell, I was about 48 when it hit full on but it was starting farther back than that. Probably when I was about 44.

I cringe when I think of people in their 20's and 30's getting this illness, when life should be so sweet.

If not before by 49/50 for sure! Realize my Rheumatologist who also treats me for Psoriatic Arthritis, said I have had arthritis for a LONG TIME, and he has stressed LONG TIME 2 visits in a row now. Mine is hereditary! Pitted fingernails confirmed! So chances are this predisposed me for fibromyalgia, by his definition of fibro.

He told me that for this area Psoriatic Arthritis was found more than any other kind of arthritis and is always hereditary. I mentioned he was also treating my cousin, he ran to check her file to see which med she takes. If he has not seen great improvement in me by end of January, I'll be put on Humira. He will make a note that we are related, he even wanted to know if it was Paternal or Maternal. It's Maternal. I think he keeps track of any and all hereditary links. BTW until 7years ago the length of time it took for this diagnosis was 30 years, he said people suffered terribly, endlessly! Now the diagnosis time is 7 years, which we agreed is still too long!

First pain I can remember is around 45 .

15-25 Actually 26 yrs.old when I was diagnosed. Had symptoms since I was 21-22ish.

all i can remeber is i was in a bad car accident at age 15 and things seemed to start spiraling downward from there. i wasnt diagnosed till age till age 26 but i am sure i have had it since my early 20's. my mom said i was always sick as a baby and child. and i had guess i complained of pain alot. i had to be put on birth control at age 15 due to horriable pain from my period.

thanks for starting this poll i cant wait to see the final results

Well I was 61 years when I got fibromyalgia, well outside the normal.Barb

15-25 (actually, I think much younger, maybe around 8)

It is DEFINTELY the condition du jour !

This is a great thread, thanks for starting it!

Now i heard opposite that ..well people with lupus tend to get it fifties. I also recently read about another kind of arthritis that sure sounds a lot like the symptoms of fibro...enough where I think I am going to ask to be tested for it.

No i do not have the's late and need to get some sleep but will find it and supply it.

45-50 was when my rheum said i also had it. I also had very stressful thing happen before it pop out wonder if that kick it into coming out.

i was diagnosed in 1987, i was 30....i am 56 now and it is far more worse now.....but i felt the pain in high school, and alot more after childbirth...that's when the migraines set in.

I am 35 and it started last year

I believe that not any arthritis including RA has really yet been proven to genetically passed on. Many doctors believe this as due research doctors but i am pretty positive there is no actual proof.

My new nephew who was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis about age 27 but complained about his wrists hurting in high school when i first met he is 30 and working in medical research in autoimmunity and arthritis areas to hopefully find the gene that sets them off.

In his case, no one else has it in his large family....all his siblings all 5 of them who are much older than he are healthy. His mom has osteo but most people get that by her late 50's.

I think he set his off in high school because he was working almost full time trying to save money to attend a expensive private college , which he did....and was still top of his high school class. Best part is he just is very nice guy..not arrogant at all just normal ...most his siblings are all in what one would call more than average smart jobs. His parents are really great people...i really like them both a lot..and you can see how they put their kids first...though they each had 4 kids from previous marriages,than had him i was wrong he has 8 siblings!

If anyone can find a cure he is type of guy that will. He believes that in his lifetime there will be either cures or drugs that make most of the arthritis and auto immune diseases out there very treatable...not like now...mainly given anti inflammation and pain meds to get by. So you younger (20's) there is great hope for you!

It sure would be nice...but speaking of being sick. It just is amazing to me how people i know never even go to the doctor ever! My sister in law 's mother was told in her late 70's she had type 2 diabetes and must take this pill(s). She told doctor that she has never needed a pill in her life and would not start now...well 6 months later she almost died from it. But just imagine feeling that well all your life not even aspirin for cramps! amazing to me..and unimaginable also to me at the same time.

I was 51, and I am surprised by how many people seem to have it now as well!

I'm 28 and it started when I was 23. Too young. :( I had to quit my job a few weeks ago because it was too much to handle.

I don’t think it is that so many more people have it now. It is just that it is recognized now. It’s kind of like when we were young (I am 48)- ADHD was never discussed and there were no meds for it but it definitely existed! My brother has it. Also, a lot of things used to be swept under the rug, so to speak. Illnesses, especially mental illnesses, were not commonly talked about. Anyway, just my opinion.

My first symptoms started 2009, ( 45) . Diagnosed 2010, full blown 2011 , now 2012, at 48 the progression has forced me to not be able to work. Looking back I always suffered migraines, last 10 years suffered pain from herniated cervical discs, not to mention I was always the type that needed extra sleep. Wow I remember taking naps everyday after work, unless I got 8 hrs of sleep, which never happened being up at 5:30 am. There is no way I could work 10-12 hrs on my feet with 6 hrs sleep, I can’t even function all day with 9 hrs sleep. Ans they say it’s not progressive.
Great post
Hugs & blessings for a cure !!!

I’m 42 now and although I was just recently officially diagnosed I’m quite sure the fibro started at least four or five years ago.

I agree that other people seem to claim and/or legitimately say they have fibro as well. For example, shortly after I was diagnosed, when I was freshly on medical leave from work, still in the midst of a pretty deep depression, I was having dinner with my father and stepmother. As soon as the word fibromyalgia was out of my mouth my stepmother interrupted my sentence and said “I have a little of that too.” You have to know about my stepmother that she is rather attention seeking and a bit of a hypochondriac and thus seems to always have something going on. However, this one sort of caught me as different than her usual claims because I didn’t think a person could have a “little bit of fibromyalgia!” I think it was more about her making sure that I didn’t get more attention than she did since my dad had been helping me with a lot of things lately and perhaps she wanted some attention. The only thing I said when she claimed to have a ‘Little bit of Fibro’ was “I know.” And I kept on with my conversation. What else can you do?

I was 54 when I was diagnosed with fibro, SLE and Sjogren's. I am now 73. My daughter was diagnosed with Crohn's at 15. My youngest son was just diagnosed with ulcerative colitis--he is 50. We all have allergies. Neither of my parents nor my brother (who died at age 54) had any auto-immune diseases--except for allergies.

Diagnosed at 43, but not sure how long I actually had it.