Anyone else wear a copper bracelet?

My Mom spotted them and bought me one a few weeks ago. Not sure if it helps, but worth a shot!

SK, I tried one some years ago and it didn’t seem to make any difference to me. I hope it helps you as we are all different.

I have one not sure if it works but i still wear it but dosent do much hope it help u :slight_smile:

Sk8ter, how are you doing?

SK, hope it works for you! And if nothing else, should be a pretty piece of jewelry.

Good luck!

Thanks Pet, I hope it works too!

Yes, especially in your case, because you have so many ailments. It would be great if it helped a bit. Even taking the edge off helps.

BTW, how is your wrist doing? I know it was very troublesome a while ago.

You know, since I got the script for the X-rays, haven't bothered me much at all, so I am waiting for them to start to thump before having them done, I don't go back to the doc until Oct, so surely a cold snap or what ever it is that sets them off, perhaps barometric pressure, will get them again! Can't wait! I'll have to take it off for the X-rays, that alone may ruin it, has to be tight to your skin for it to work!

I tried one once and wore it for six mo and didn’t have any change. I do hope it helps for you!

Gentle Hugs

I had one chain bracelet of copper once but it didn't seem to change anything for me. I tried hematite bracelets too. Hematite has a magnetic quality to it. It seemed to create some pain in my arm. Strange. I stopped wearing it.

Well, at least your wrists seem to be hurting less! That's a blessing, at least as long as it lasts.

Yeah, I'm sure the cold weather will start them thumping again, SK! You know it's coming fairly soon. Sometimes I wish that global warming would hurry up a bit and make New England warm all of the time...okay, it's a selfish thought but I do wish it!