Certified medical professionals and Licensed Doctors

It is time to make clear to the group that offering treatment to fellow members of the Ben's Friends Community is NOT permitted. Each and every member is unique in their causes and symptoms of their condition/disease, possibly have other health problems, some of a serious nature, many taking prescription medications. Good health care is not done over the internet, even by licensed Doctors and nurses. Even our licensed members are not allowed to treat anyone of our members.

Also know that chat room discussions of the nature of "I'll give you some advice, try taking some natural stuff, it works better than medication" may put another in a dangerous situation. This is not allowed either.

We all try our best to offer advice and comfort to each other, but please THINK first, you may not only be putting your membership at risk, but someone else's life!

Treatment of any condition or disease is best treated by someone with certifications, IN PERSON, even herbs and vitamins can interact with meds, or have reactions all on their own, perhaps even adverse reactions.

Using foul language is NOT permitted.

The rules are not that difficult to live by, please honor the commitment of Ben and his friends in their mission. The rules are listed on the main page.

I talked to JC before posting this.


No, Josephina, there was at least one person involved in posting an "offer of treatment", to members, even our most qualified members are just not allowed to do this much less someone with no credentials.

We discuss what we do all of the time, and mention that we are not Doctors, we post links, but to offer to treat someone or to tell them them that what they take as a natural is better than another member taking their meds is not what the rules allow.

It was unclear how many had accepted this offer, or how many had planned to. It was meant to protect, not meant for everyone, but to go where it needed to go.

I hope everyone does, this was meant for two people, that we are at this moment 'sure of' who are not qualified or approved to care for our members. We are protecting you from an unsafe situation. Urging you to please go to quailfied medical professionals and licensed Physicians, certified instructors, people who have been trained, who are board certified with a licensed office, or affiliated with a reputible institution.

Also please be careful adding supplements to meds, ask your Doctor or nurse, and please don't let anyone urge you to throw your meds away to try their supplements.