Curious - Is it going to get worse?

Does anyone have any information on the progression of fibro? What I mean is - has anyone had it for years in a specific place and then years later in other specific places are added on? Are we to expect that it is going to get progressively worse as time goes on? I just haven't heard or read anything with regard to this.

For instance, the pain in my feet and ankles has gotten progressively worse in the last couple of years - and I didn't have the foot/ankle pain at all 5 years ago. So, I am wondering are we all going to end up having all the same pain in the end? For example, even though I don't have shoulder or back pain - am I going to get it eventually? Tell me it isn't so!!

I noticed it going to new places over time. Research says, from what they know so far, that it is not progressive in nature. In a way it is because from being in pain, fatigue, insomnia and stiffness for long time, your body gets debilitated from not being able to work the muscles and be as active as you used to be. In that sense it seems to have gotten worse for me, even though the fibro flaring itself seems to be just a chronic reaction. I've gotten much weaker and lost muscle mass, developed allergies and food intolerance and intolerance to all kinds of things. When that happens you are more likely to injure yourself or develop other problems too. I've been suffering from it since 1998. That's a long time.

Well I didnt have feet and ankle pain at first and now I do. .I guess it depends on the person. sorry. . .no better answers for you. I think every one is different even with the same symptoms. I believe our lifestyles contribute to how much pain we will or will not feel.

Jo try no to worry yourself about the future. this will only add more stress to your body and make the fibro worse. u have asked a great question and i look forward to reading the responses u get. but with that being said one thing about fibro seems to b very clear will all suffer with different symptoms and no 2 of us r the same.

while none of us know how this disease will effect us later life we need to just try not to worry, we need to just enjoy what we r able to do and enjoy the times when the pain lets up and lets us have our good days. i know it can b very hard to stay positive with this disease. i think our best bet at having a good life with thiss disease is to keep up with the lastest research and not b afraid to try new meds that may become available to us. i know having fibro does make us more senitive to side effects but the longer i have been a member of this site the more i have realized that while some us cant take certian meds the same meds work fine for others. some have bad reactions to some of the meds and others to seem to b bothered by it.

so try not b afraid of what tomorrow brings and just know that those of us on this site will b here for support when u need it.

Ummmm ummmmm, I hate to say it but yes, I do think it progresses and it does seem to hit most of us in the same places eventually. I know that I'd listen to some people's issues with it and think, "nope, not me, that sounds awful," and then start having the issue later on down the line. Like fibro fog, dizziness and upper back/shoulder pain. Yes, this stupid illness seems to travel, like a two-bit circus.

I'm sorry to have to give that as an answer but it's what I've observed in myself and from what others have said.

Yes, it seems that if you have an intensely physical job, it starts up in the areas you use a lot. For instance, I worked as an Activity Director and pushed a lot of people in wheelchairs and heavy tables. As a result, my elbows,knees and fingers were affected, as well as my already overwrought back. Now I'm delivering meals to the elderly and the lifting of heavy bags is causing me a lot of pain in the upper back and shoulders/upper arms. Once the pain arrives it doesn't seem to leave. So yes, I agree with Mo, the job you do also does seem to aggravate the stupid illness.

Good point there Jo. I was going to ask the same. I used to have areas that didn't hurt when I was first diagnosed. Now I'm pretty much covered in agony everywhere. I also worry if I will end up with arthritis or MS or something else too. I started having simple partial Epileptic seizures last year that I am try to "ignore" and worry that will get worse too. Also in the winter my fingers started swelling up one by one and they hurt like a mf too. But they tested and said its not RA and the swelling has gone since. But I'm not looking forward to the next winter, RA or not.

Have you looked into the possibility of psoriatiic arthritis? Causes swollen, sausage like digits and the same symptoms as fibro. I'm a bit suspicious of it, given your swollen fingers.

Yes it started in my little finger on my right hand, then the little finger on my left, then both rings fingers and started into my middles fingers. They thought it was rheumatoid arthritis but had clear blood tests and xrays were ok although they looked a bit iffy to me. But as soon as the weather warmed up the swelling went totally down and not returned since, so they thought it was chillblains. Either way it flippin hurt just to tap the joints. They're fine now (apart from the fibro pain). Bit weird though.