Disabled for the Holidays

Is anyone else alone and Disabled by FM for the Holidays? Please share your story.

Hey SheilaErin,

I am sorry to hear you are alone. May I ask if you are alone or if you feel that way emotionally?

I think having FM is already a daily challenge, but with the holidays I do notice more flare ups from other sufferers and also for myself as well.

For me preparation for the holidays has been very difficult this year, from buying gifts for loved ones to decorating and baking cookies, plus starting a new job I feel like I am carrying all that I can carry at this particular moment. And though I love to be productive, there are times when I have to remind myself that the lights can wait, and that my body cannot. It is very important to rest and to not condemn ourselves for doing so, rest is very crucial when you suffer from FM.

I hope you have a very bright and lovely holiday season. Hang in there!

Blessings and prayers

I am sorry if you are alone. If you are truly alone, you should seek out others who have no one during the holidays. If you are feeling alone, you are not. Fibro has a way of making you feel that way. Trying to get everything done is impossible, and you need to learn to go at what is the best pace for you. Amazon is a great way to get shopping done. Delivered right to your door - it doesn't get any easier than that. Baking cookies - they bake them at the store too you know. Be only as productive as your body will allow - or I know from experience - you will suffer twice as much later on. I hope that you feel better and that you will find the holidays to be a joyous time.

I just saw your message SheilaErin, but definitely can relate. I'm living in a hotel by myself and usually spend my days alone. I have no one to call or text, and most of the phone calls I do receive are from bill collectors. I can't remember the last time I had plans to spend with friends, and the last time I was with any family was at my Dad's funeral. Both of my parents are deceased and the rest of my family ignores me, yells at me, or just doesn't understand me. I feel so sad not to have the support of my family. It makes it easy to feel like I'm going to be rejected by everyone else too. People who have families and friends don't truly understand what it's like to be alone. I hope your season of loneliness doesn't last too long.

Not totally alone this Christmas--I live with my nephew who also has fibro. I fixed a nice dinner and ate alone while he slept. My support system is non-existant. I have my dog. My sisters are jerks. My nephew and I did get to spend some time together Christmas day. I am lonely sometimes, but don't really want to go be with anyone, even if I had anyone to be with. Ain't fibro fun??? :(

Gentle Huggss, Kimberly