Do you remember me?

Hello my fibro family. I’m very sick with COVID right now. I have missed everyone so much. I’ve been to Mayo Clinic. I’m still fighting for the rights to receive disability , using a law firm. I can’t write anymore. My throat hurts and I feel horrible. I hope this goes through. Hope to talk to you soon ! Freedom :hugs::heart:


Hey Freedom,
Its been a while, nice to see you’re still around these parts, as you can see, so are we. COVID has hit some people really bad :Touchwood: I’ve been lucky enough to avoid it, but it certainly seems that those of us with underlaying conditions or compromised immune systems get hit especially hard. You take the time you need and get better. We’ll still be here.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

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Hi Freedom! Has it really been 5 months? It seems like yesterday!

I’ve missed you a lot too! And was afraid you’re not too well.
Covid… Oh dear, I can imagine! Hope it doesn’t go on too long. And yeah, it’d be great to hear more, when possible!

I’ve now braved the 3rd jab and managed to avoid the virus itself. I haven’t even recovered from the 1st jab, but can be pretty sure the virus would/will be worse. I’m learning how to cope with the additional problems better and better. Just one more interesting challenge whilst living life basics “to the full” - enjoying the foods I can eat, getting some deep sleep, seeing flowers, birds and sun, my typing keeping my mind, heart and soul on the move even if my body is hardly getting any energy, however still managing some table tennis and music. But I may be getting closer to the mystery via rare deficiencies… :face_with_monocle: :male_detective:

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