Easter Egg Hunt!

Yesterday Easter Sunday Brought Joy to the Day !
I think everyone will get a laugh out of this and with all going on in the world this was a fun day.
I helped host an Easter Egg Hunt for Seniors at a Nursing Home. We had all sizes of eggs to fill with fun things and had small wrapped gifts the High School National Honor Society donated.

We had about 1/3 of the group either have walkers or wheelchairs and I telling you the group couldn’t wait to get out and start hunting on the grounds.

I felt like a kid out helping them and I’m 70, I saw residents who had been so depressed, lonely and in pain out there moving like they were a kid again.

Once everyone filled their baskets we came in for an Easter lunch. I saw residents sharing and swapping eggs with others. They had a ball opening up the eggs to find all sorts of fun things.

It’s this type of thing that should give us all hope for fun days no matter how small they might be or what age we are.


That sounds amazing!!!