Great Article on Understanding Someone with Chronic Pain

I thought this article might be useful for some of you to share with friends and family:

Perhaps it will help you explain to the important people in your lives just what you experience with chronic pain.

Thanks for sharing this with us. I found it validating with some good points I might share with family and friends.

Thanks for sharing, this is very realistic and compassionate.

I love the pics it had for some reason people tend to read those thru and pay attention to what it says.

great article, good things to remember; everyone does not feel pain the same way or at the same levels.

This is an outstanding article. I know I’ll be sharing it with my friends and family.
Thank you!

Well written! I will share with friends and family!

We have a number of new members and I wanted to bump this back to the top.

Thank you for sharing this article I really enjoyed it

I thought to bump this article to top. With the holidays at our doorsteps, some of you may want to consider printing it out to discuss with family and friends. It is simply terrific and may help you in explaining what its’ like to cope with an invisible illness.

Hehe, >7 years later I’ve just discovered this wikihow article.
As there has been a tradition of bumping it to the top, I’ll also do that and also share it. And repeat the link

It may be a slightly more generalized take, but that once again shows that we’re far from alone with our specific condition fibro, and essentially it’s got a lot of basics put in a good simple way.