Has anyone else been diagnosed with a sleep disorder?

Hello. Just wondered if anyone else has been officially diagnosed with a sleep disorder. My rhumetologist sent me to a sleep specialist who diagnosed me with two different disorders, UARS and unconditional insomnia. I am constantly reading that over 95% of people with fibromyalgia have a sleep disorder. He claims that treating these disorders would help my fibro tremendously. The machine I need to sleep with is very expensive and I am so tired of false hope. Wondered if anyone else has been treated for a sleep disorder and how it helped with fibro.

Hi Melyn,
I was diagnosed with a sleeping disorder shortly before I was diagnosed with fibro. I have sleep apnea, and use a CPAP machine nightly. It did a lot to help my exhaustion and some of my fibro fog. My rheumatologist thought I would see a reduction in pain, but sadly no. On the other hand I have found my symptoms have progressed, getting more intense, and more frequent overtime. Who’s to say if I hadn’t had the CPAP machine, I would have be even worse off. I think how one responds with the therapy and/or machine is very individually based. What kind of a machine have they recommended for you? I hope you find some relief soon. Hugs.

I didn't know what UARS was, so I looked it up and it is similar to apnea, which I have. One of the 1st things my rheumatologist did after dxing me with FM was send me for a sleep study, and aside from the apnea I have a little restless legs syndrome. I have had insomnia, sometimes severe, since age 21, so I already knew sleep was an issue for me. He gave me sleep meds and that helped. Just getting adequate sleep is very helpful bc you heal and restore when asleep. I was borderline for a cpap and I opted not to at that time. Later I had a second sleep study which my ENT and it was found I have enlarged toncils and a deviated septum, which they recommended surgery for, but I haven't had. I got a cpap after that sleep study, but I don't know that makes a big difference for me. I've never been very consistent with it though, mostly bc I can't seem to get a mask that fits and it comfortable. My ex had apnea and absolutely loved his cpap said he couldn't live without it. It does stop the snoring, I'll say that.

My insurance paid for my cpap, and so did his. I had Blue Cross at the 1st one then Medicare by the time I had the second one and BC would have paid as well. It's my understanding that if the doctor deems it medically necessary, unless they have a specific exclusion on the policy they have to cover it. If insurance will pay, I'd try the thing just to see if it helps. Even without all the other potential benefits, hypertension is something serious to avoid (which can result from this untreated). I moved to another state awhile back and am just now getting re-established with a new sleep doc and I'm waiting for a new fitting, hopefully the mask will work this time and I will definitely use it. It just makes sense if you can't get air you will suffer some consequences. So I say...go get your air, if you can!

Good luck! I hope you feel better soon!!

I have been officially diagnosed with sleep apnea where it was determined that I stop breathing at least 47 times per minute and my oxygen level drops as low as 80% so I sleep with a CPAP machine. The machine at that time was $1500. Fortunately my insurance covered 100%. I am a teacher(now retired). Soon after the cost of the machine rose to $2500. I am fortunate that my original machine is still working fine. However when I reached 65 I was no longer able to belong to my teacher's union. I have researched but never found any insurance company that would cover it. I was told that now, after 65, I will never find an insurance company that will cover it. Now we are all on a private individualised insurance plan so now we will all have to pay the entire cost of the machine plus accessories. When I was diagnosed with sleep apnea the doctor told me that they are hoping that the CPAP machine with also help with the other sleep disorder that affects all fibromites. I does not allow us to ever reach the REM level of sleep. This is the restorative level. Well, now after 5 or 6 years with my CPAP machine, I CAN TELL HIM THAT IT DOES NOT.

There are other types of sleep disorders, but these are the only two that I have personal experience with.

Hopefully some other members will be able to share their sleep disorders.

I have a sleep disorder I was told I have sleep apnae when I was 18. I have a machine but dont use it cause I need another study done to get my settings changed. The machines does help get a better night sleep and with better night sleep your pain should go down.