Hi Everybody

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven't been on in so long I have been so busy moving and then my sister and brother in law moved to North Carolina so I wanted to get in as much time with them as possible. He is in the Marine Corps and they got orders to move to Camp Lejuene and we found out she is pregnant about 3 weeks before they moved! :) we are so excited, it'll be the first grand baby for my parents and my first niece or nephew! As some of you know I had my birthday on Saturday the 20th and it was great! My sister had an ultrasound on my birthday so I got to see my niece or nephew and then I got a heart tattoo on my foot, I was finally in control of the pain and it was a great feeling! the tattoo barely hurt and I am so proud of it! Its just a reminder to stay strong and don't give up because one day there WILL be a cure! Yesterday I went to an adult rheumatologist and I went in with a great positive attitude and that positive attitude went downhill very quickly. I have been feeling horrible lately but trying to push myself and the more I push myself the more I hurt. The Dr. was very discouraging and I ended up crying in the room because I was so frustrated. The Fibro hasn't been treating me well lately and it seems like a lot of other people have been hurting more and more as well. I have done some research on POTS and I am thinking I may have that. I have a lot of the symptoms. I emailed my new rheumatologist and will let everyone know when I get a response. Also, I have Kaiser insurance and I am wondering if anyone has a good doctor that has Kaiser? I am willing to fly anywhere in the US to find a great doctor that will be able to help me! Hope to hear from everyone soon!

Soft Hugs,


Oh also I got put on Lyrica. Last night was my first day and today is my second day. any thoughts on that?

Jacklyn , wow I love the heart tattoo … That’s so sweet ! And Congrats on soon to be an aunt , we should come up with a symbol that represents cure for fibro ??? I’d so get a tattoo, that would be cool if everyone put this symbol on !!
I’m not familiar with that insurance, and I am allergic to Lyrica , but I’m sure you will get some feed back
I know some have good results, some have great results, and some can’t take it
Hugs & blessings

Hey Jacklyn!

So good to hear from you! Thank you for sharing all the good news, especially the baby news. You will love being an Auntie! The Lyrica will help any nerve pain you have, or at least there will come a dose that will. It should be increased over time.

I know it is frustrating, hopefully with the Lyrica you will begin to feel some relief. Hope there is nothing else, but please let us know about the Rheum's feelings/findings about it!



its great to hear from you thatnks for the update. i am so sorry about your dr visit. why stay a dr if u r not willing to listen and help patients. i really hope you can find some answers and help soon. i have never heard of your insuranse but i will see what i can find out about it and if there r any drs who accapt it around me.

i am so gald u got to enjoy your birthday. keep up the good thoughts and try your best to be positive. lots of hugs

ps becoming an aunt is a great feeling and pleasure. i hope you will get to spend lots of time with the baby as he/she grows. i am an aunt of 13 and its been wonderful. i got to be there for the birth of 1 nephew and it was very special and i feel like i have a special bond. maybe i am just a great aunt lol

from what i hear about lyrica it starts to work within the 1st two weeks. i have heard that the side effects at first can be rough but they get better with time. so do your best to try to stick it out and see if its the right med for you. i really hope it helps with your pain.

like the other meds out their to treat jusst fibro like cymbalta this will most likley not be the only med you will need to treat your pain. but it should help alot with the day to day pain once it gets in your system.

good luck

still haven’t heard anything else from the rheumatologist but am keeping my fingers crossed that i do soon. Today is my 5th day on lyrics and so far i don’t feel any different. I am still in a huge amount of pain and have spent all day in my bed. I hope everyone is doing good and will be praying for everyone near hurricane sandy! <3


Hi Jacklyn, I’m so sry you are in so much pain, I see a pain speciailist and finally got some relief with a new med, but it took a long time to find the right combo. Have you tried a warm bath, heating pad, I know there is is combo of things that will help, hang in there, I hope that lyrica starts to help !!!
Hugs & blessings

what new med did you start?