Ice Bucket Challenge

Well I was nominated to do the ice bucket challenge but chickened out because of the pain of it. Instead I made a donation to Ben's Friends :-)

I now nominate all of you to either take part in the ice bucket challenge and/or donate a few dollars if you can afford to.

Super cool of you Mike. Thanks so much!

btw - we've had about 5 people donate like this in conjunction with the Ice Bucket Challenge. It's a great way to help Ben's Friends out.

This is great Mike.

I accept your challenge too, Mike! Super clever.:slight_smile:

I accept your challenge I'll donate to Ben's friends.

Thanks so much, Mike! ALS did an amazing job creating this ice bucket challenge. Kudos to them! And kudos for you for donating!!

Great idea, I will donate to Ben's Friends - and my 10 year did do the ice bucket challenge TWICE so this will count for one of them :-). I guess she liked getting ice water dumped on her. lol

Glad so many good causes are benefiting, including this one :-)