Medication journey help

How do people decide with the pros and cons of meds to treat their fibro. Of course in addition to consulting with one's doctor.
I find that even if the meds help the nerve pain greatly there is always other pain to deal with and
all of the meds I have been on that treat my fibro make me exhausted.
I really like Cymbalta the most in terms of it taking away the most of my overactive nerve pain.
that in itself is HUGE ...but I cant take some of my other important meds being on this drug. one of which is a
stomach med for my barrettes esophagus. Also Cymbalta doesn't seem to take the other pain away like the deep
muscle and joint pain, due to stomach issues I cant take nsaids so I don't have much except a topical cream
to use for the other pain-which doesn't work by the way. Finally the Cymbalta has me sleeping 1-2 hours mid day and if I try to change the time I take it I am up all night with the heebie jeebies . Additionally when I am up during the day with the Cymbalta I just tend to stare into space and cant seem to focus. Being a mom I cant be like this
the kids need me to get up and not sit around all day.
What I don't know is if its worth all of this to stay on it/a specific med---how do you decide
I seem to get relief from tramadol and I have more energy on the tramadol-that being said the tramadol doesn't hit all the overactive nerve pain like Cymbalta does but it will also hit some of the muscle aches and tenderness. I guess the downside is the nerve pain can be very very bad and Cymbalta can hit that unlike the tramadol- tramadol takes the edge off basically with the nerve pain so to speak
I have been on lyrica it did nothing for me
I have been on gaba and it helped too but I almost got into a few accidents
thanks for your help

Hi Fibromommy, Im so sorry you are having a hard time with this, but I can totally relate !! First I’m wondering why being on the Cymbalta you can’t take your stomach med ? Barrettes esophagus should be treated … ( or did I read it wrong ) sounds like you can’t take your stomach med ? I understand you can’t take NSaids …but Barrett’s is not something you want to leave untreated.
Have you explored other meds with the Cymbalta, like Tizanadine for the muscle pain ?
It sounds like you are benefiting to much from the Cymbalta to give that up, it’s hard to find anything that helps, so when you do, I say stick with it.
I would talk to your dr about taking the Tramadol occasionally, with the Cymbalta, my dr & pharmacist said its ok, with caution, where you told not to take the two together ? Some say its ok, while others say you can.
I still think from reading your concern I would stick with the Cymbalta , and find something else you can take for the muscle pain … I use a very low dose fentanyl patch it takes the edge off the pain and bypasses the stomach issue. Of course a pain dr would have to prescribe this, and many have warned about having to increase it, but I will discontinue it , before I will increase it, sometimes I just take it off for 2-3 days and then when I put it back on I get relief… Not much, but everylittle bit helps :slight_smile:
Hope this helps :slight_smile:
Hugs &

Fibromommy, I too have tried many meds with many side effects.. I'm taking Savella now and have finally found something that cuts the pain.. (My pain is mostly in feet, ankles, calves, legs and hips) I'm only taking 25 mg twice daily and not the recommended 50 mg twice daily. I get the same pain relief with 25 mg because having fibro can cause medication sensitivity. This I've learned over the last two years with many meds I've tried. Gabapentin, Cymbalta, Lyrica all gave me severe side effects without doing "anything for pain" So if you can play with you meds and find a comfortable dose that works for your pain talk to your Dr. because sometimes less can work much better and it keeps the side effects to a minimum. Hope I explained my self here.. UGG Fibro fog!!

thanks -it has been a long journey just to get the DX.

Now to deal with the meds LOL