Meds and side effects

Ok the DOC. has me on gabapentin 300mg it make me sleep alot. I feel drunk all the time now and dizzy." Has anyone taken it and know how lone before you get use to it.

Gabapentin often does make you feel sleepy, but that should start to reduce within 1-2 weeks of being on the full dose. I started out at 300mg 3x/day for about a year and now I'm up to 600mg 3x/day. Still makes me feel a little lethargic than when I wasn't on it, but on the up side my pain is now usually manageable AND I can finally have my coffee again without panic attacks:)

Good luck my friend and hang in there!

Thank you

Hi Keith I took it for about a month iredteand it does make you tired for 1 to 2 weeks and then I wasn't do tired stopped taking it because it didn't help I don't remember whet I took in its place its been too long ago tried a lot of meds since Jan

2011 hope that helps suzyq

thank you

I tried taking Neurontin (gabapentin) many years ago. I didn't feel it did much, if anything, for my symptoms & soon discontinued it. It did make me feel more tired/foggy; I do not recall those side effects subsiding for me all that much during the time I was on it, either. Have you discussed how you have been feeling on the med with your doctor?? He/She may have some advice or suggest putting you on a different med, perhaps? Do you feel it is currently helping you?

I just got on it Fri. so was giving it time befor calling Doc. The shakes are gone and I sill feel the pain but I gess I so foggy it not as bad. Thank you for help.

I've been on gabapentin for 5 years at 600mg 3x a day, sometimes more. I'm not sure if I could say the side effects ever subside, but you do grow more accustomed to functioning with the side-effects after a few weeks. The brain fog, fatigue, and weakness it causes has never gone away for me, but it's the only thing that helps my pain so it's worth it. If it doesn't reduce your pain, or another med can work just as well, I would suggest going for the other med.

Hi Keith see how you feel in a week if there's something you think is not right call the Dr let me know in a week how you're feeling suzyq

Thank you for you help

thank you for your help

I was on gabapentin for awhile, at first it made me feel dizzy and nausea . I had no energy whats so ever, and being only 17 it only scaredd me. All I ever wanted to do was sleep. My doctor only kept making the dose go up thinking my body would finally react positive to it. It didn't what so ever. Gabapentin did not work for me. I hope the side effects go away for you.

Depending on the day.....I take 600-900mg at a time. My Psychiatrist said they prescribe it at 900mg for a sleep medicine. I have never felt sleepy with it, even from day one ! I was kind of hoping for that affect, but it never happened. I've been on it a year, now at 3600mg total daily.

I hope so to thank you for your help.

thank you for your help

A similar sort of thing happened to me several years ago when I was on Effexor XR. I saw one of my doctor's assistants one day for a med check after I had been on the Effexor XR for a bit. I told her in no uncertain terms that I was having BAD side effects from the medication (shaking, feeling unstable, anxious, angry, etc.) and she wanted to UP the dosage!! I outright refused. I balked at her suggestion, and again attempted to convey my concern for my well-being on the med at the dosage I was currently at! I never did up the dosage; in fact, about a week later, I had to be rapidly detoxed off of it in the hospital because I had a dangerous reaction to it. I tend to think if a medication is giving you terrible side effects, UPPING the dosage is only going to make those side effects worse (and who knows what else--new side effects, severe reactions *ahem*...). I am very straight with my doctor & only see 'the big guy' (the main/head doctor at the practice) anymore!!!

Hello Keith,

This was the first med given me for Sciatica, it made me 'reel' as though I was in the middle of a spinning top. This is after I thought I had won the battle with vertigo caused my a car accident. The feelings were very much alike, the med was changed immediately to Lyrica and the spinning stopped.

That is also seems like a strong dose to start with, compared to mine. After being on Lyrica for years now, I am at the 225mg dose, starting out at a much lower dose and gradually being increased.

Hope this is a help to you, now may I suggest that you need to talk to your Dr and work something out.


Whew! Renie!

Keith, I hope your pain improves some on this med. Sounds like you're getting some benefit from it already. Hope it takes away the hot clawing feeling and the other stuff. It stinks though that a lot of pain meds can make people groggy.

thank you for your help on this. I hate the way I feel. But I am going to try for 2 weeks and see. hope it stops and i can go with my life. I know we all say that, The defanishen of blind hope should pepeol with fibo. lol. sorry in a fogg so not selling good. lol