Meds the help with fibro fog?

Hey everyone. So my fibro fog is at an all time high, I go everyday now feeling totally enveloped by fibro fog. It’s getting so old. I feel like I cannot function as a normal human being and that I’m not even here in reality. My family is getting very tired of my constant fatigue and foginess. I feel as though I cannot win and I cannot shake this fog no matter how much I try. And I try my hardest, especially for my family.
Are there any medications that help with fibro fog? I like homeopathy, but everything I have tried does not seem to work. Anyone that can offer some advice or insight, please do. I am so sick of battling this damn fog every single day for almost all of the day.
Blessings and prayers.

I'm sorry. I hope for suggestions as well.

Hi I don't no if this will help or not my nero did a sleep study because I was so fatigued and couldn't concentrate at all. Well no sleep apnea but she found I never went into deep sleep because my whole body jerked. She put me on requip and Xanax at night plus my lyrica and amitriptille I was already taking she wanted to put me on flexirll but it disagreed with one of the meds I was on. I still have trouble with fatigue and being foggy at times but it has improved some. Hope this helps someone.

I've been the same way for about 6 months now, the fog is so bad that hours can go by without me noticing. I will say 'I'll do that in a minute', and suddenly it's 4 hours later. I know I'm exhausted, but no more than I ever was, so I'm not sure what's changed. I even take Adderall for ADHD, and that doesn't even help me focus at all anymore.

I hope you find something to help!


Thank you so much for sharing everyone, I am thankful for the support we all have in each other and for the suggestions listed. This disease is horrible but it does help to know that you are not alone in your symptoms and suffering!

I'm hoping to find a vitamin or herbal supplement (something!) that will give me more natural energy. So sick of feeling like a zombie. I have been taking walks again little by little which is good, but a few days of that and my behind is completely whooped. Somethin's gotta give!