Miss Kori had a "birthday"

Miss Kori turned 10 weeks Saturday! She has 2 speeds usually - when not in her vest working - sacked-out-dead-asleep and 90-to-nothing! Caught these Saturday in one of those rare “in-between” moments - and deleted the 2 dozen or so others that were mostly a black streak as she raced around me showing off her favorite toy! :rofl: :rofl:


Sooooo cute! I love your little Kori. Happy birthday to her!:tada::balloon::tada::balloon::tada::balloon::tada:

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Hi, Struggling!
She’s SO beautiful and growing so very fast!!! Bella is 2 yrs old now and (even at this moment) racing in here with toys for me to try to grab away and throw for her. The fun never gets old - for either of us! :purple_heart:


Awww!!! So cute!!! Happy Birthday :balloon::balloon::balloon::tada::tada::tada::teddy_bear::teddy_bear: