None of you have recieved my messages PLEASE READ

Dear friends and Moderator friends,

I have sent you messages to your inbox for quite sometime now. I never recieved any responses back. I just chalked it up as " I guess they aren’t interested in being friends"

I just realized the other day, that no one has been getting any of my messages. I checked my sent box of messages I have sent, and the last message that went through was February 21 st. !!!

I can only imagine what you guys were thinking after sending me a message and never recieving a message back. You were thinking the same thing I was thinking I’m sure. !! I’m sorry and I hope this can be fixed somehow. You all mean so much . Not communicating in this way has been pretty hard at times. All I can do is reply to your post so far.

Love fibroerr. ( Lisa )

Hi Lisa,

Yup, I did the same thing for months! SK was the one who finally clued me in that you CANNOT send messages to this board from your own email server, as the messages go nowhere, while leaving no message to let you know that the function failed. So no problem here at all. It's good hearing from you and I hope things are going ok for you.



Hi Patunia! Thank you so much for getting back to me. So good to here from you!
Okay so the EMAIL SERVER… Does that mean in my settings where it says profile, and then it has my email address with , Is that what I need to change? If so, do I need to make a gmail account with a gmail email address and use that instead? Sorry if I’m confusing you but I really am not hip with this
kind of thing… UHGG . Thanks hon. Xoxo. Lisa

Hi Lisa,

You're certainly welcome! I have to say that I have no idea if it's possible to send email back and forth between this location and your email server, regardless of whether you have Yahoo or Google. I couldn't get my Yahoo email messages to go through to email addresses from this site. (If anyone out there knows differently, I'd be happy to know how do it.)

I'm sorry to not have shed any light on the situation, Lisa, but when it comes to tech stuff, I'm just clueless!

Hugs and a smile,


I don't get any messages either. I wondered if it was just that no one wanted to talk to me. Hopefully, I am having the same probs. Love to communicate with others. :)

Hi Lisa,

Did SK get in touch with you in regard to this? I did write her about this and she said she didn't know what could be done, but that she was going to check into it. My gosh this is a mystery as to why that would happen. I'm glad that you at least figured it out and hopefully something can be done! Smart of you to have posted this as a discussion as I'm sure everyone will understand! So tell me how have you been? Love Sue x

Just a thought, but could you try re-opening a new account and see what happens? It worked in the beginning right? I think it's just a glitch in the system. If it were me that is what I would do and open a new account with a slightly different name example Fibroerr1. If it works than delete the other account. Does this make sense?

Hi Rattled, Initially I thought the same thing. : ) are you able to message people now?

Hi Kholmes ! Thank you for the message. : ) we friended eachother a while ago and now were finally talking : ) we will find a way to talk . I’m about to give my friends my email for private messages. I think it’s the only way until they get this straightened out. Let me know if you get this reply : ) Lisa

Hi Susan. Thanks for getting back to me. I feel bad that this is happening but I think we can work around it when it comes to a private message . I’m just gonna give my personal email to my friends.

Take care, Lisa

Hi Lisa,

I am NOT computer savvy at all, but I talked to Renie about this, and all we can think of is that you are not using the correct link to answer an e-mail. Petunia and I have both caught ourselves doing that, and it ends up in limbo.

I'm going to leave a message for Scott, see what he has to say about this, because we do want to hear from you, be able to communicate with you.

I'll see if Scott has any words of wisdom!



I left a message on the moderator's group for him, with the link to this post, explaining it!

Hang in there girlfriend, hopefully we can resolve this soon!

This is the way I understand it too. When someone sends us a message in here, within the LWF walls, we get a notification in our personal email. But, we have to come back here to respond. We can't respond back thru our personal email.

Good thinking, Petunia.

Hi Lisa … Just wondering if you’re doing what I was originally doing when I received a message in my yahoo email (the one I’m registered under with forum) I was trying to answer in that email. I didn’t realize I had to login to the forum site where I could read the message under my page and respond while I was in the forum site. So I just responded in my email (yahoo account) and the messages didn’t go anywhere.

Hi Lisa,

I didn't see whether you answered the original response from Petunia --

When we get a private message here at, it forwards a notification to the email that you signed up with. In that email, it shows you the message, but at the bottom it will say:

"To reply to this message, click here: "

Instead of coming back to to respond to the message, many of us have found that we are just hitting 'reply' from our email programs. If that is the case, the message won't go anywhere, because the system does not accept incoming email.

The way to check if this is what happened is to look in the 'Sent' folder in your private email program to see if they are there. It would show that you sent mail to '■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■'.

Please let me know if this is the reason, so I can continue to look into this further for you.


Hi DreamCatcher,
I’m okay how are you? Thank you for running it by SK I appreciate that. It’s funny that I was trying to reply back to you on this exact post and it wouldn’t let me!! It let me reply to everyone else so I’m Trying again. : )
If I have no luck with a new account I’m going to give an email address to those I trust. : ) I just hope this can be fixed. It makes me wander how many people have had this problem. I was surprised with just the couple of people that replied to this post having the same issue.
I hope your doing okay. And thanks again for your help. Love Lisa

Oh geez I’m getting so confused! I’m going to step back for a minute , my brain is starting to fog up LOL. : ). I really want to understand. It has to be simple and I just am not following. My fault.
I’m gonna take a minute and go back and read everything you wrote and see if I can understand it. : ) thank you sooooo much. Wish me luck. : ) I’ll let you know if I can figure out whT your saying. Your a sweetheart! Live Lisa

Hi Fibroerr - everyone here is a volunteer. All the Moderators are here because they are nice people and want to help people. They are not technical support people. Please be respectful of their sacrifice.

It sounds like you are reply to actual email notifications, which don't work. You must click the links and respond from within the site. You shouldn't have any problems once you do that. If the notification emails are confusing, you can turn them off by going to Settings in the upper right under Inbox. Go to email and turn off all notifications.



Hey Scott ,
I am completely aware that the moderators aren’t all technically inclined and know that they are here to help out of the kindness of their heart. I was merely asking for some help.
I am a grown women appreciating and respecting people my whole life.

Not only do I respect their sacrifice, I also appreciate them more than anyone would ever know.

I am using the site on " MY PAGE " to respond to those that have written me and their not getting my messages.
Thanks for writting . Hopefully I will figure it out…

ok..I have a question that maybe someone can help me with. I try to friend people, but it seems like it never works (doesn't say pending or anything). Am I doing something wrong, or have my settings wrong? I first thought that maybe people just didn't want to friend me (but I am hoping that is not the case).