Pain one day, and not the next

I have not gone to a dr to be evaluated for fibro, however I’m really starting to wonder if I have it. One question I have is can I have muscle pain and severe muscle fatigue one day, but the day before I was fine? I know fibro can flare up but can it be day to day. I really don’t understand what is going on with my body.


Hi Erica and welcome.

Yes, you can be fine one day and then have a really cruddy next day with fibro. That's to be expected. And furthermore, you can have a sharp pain in your chest one day, a dull pain in your leg the next, and then shooting pain in your arm the next! Fibro is a sneaky little devil and affects us in so, so many ways. Please don't be dismissive of the illness that you have. I would strongly advise you to see a doctor, as there is no way to get a diagnosis nor treatment without seeing one. You also might like to ask people here who live in your area to offer recommendations on doctors.

Here is a good letter that helps to explain fibro to you and to family members and friends who wonder:

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My personal experience is that over the past 25yrs i've 2 days that i did not hurt..other than that its been 24/7 head ache and joint and muscle pain.But flares come and go over several day periods with me,except in winter when a cold front is about 2 days away my pain goes through the roof..Barometric pressure changes and my body no longer changes with it fast enough i guess ???anybody else

Hi Erica

When I first started having problems i would have days where i was fine and then days where i had pain and fatigue. It would be good to see the doctor and make sure of what you have so treatment can be started.

Yeah, that about sums it up, except my stomach bothers me rather than my head. But you've done a very good summation of what we live through. But you've gone through this for 25 years? That floors me. I guess your screen name is perfect for you and I mean that in a very positive way. I truly admire you for hanging on despite living through an era where most people didn't believe what you were saying about your illness or didn't believe in the illness at all. You obviously have great survival skills. Do you have any wisdom to impart upon us in regards to "hanging on" for long periods of time?

That was a great answer, avenk. Adding the link to a good fibro site was a great idea. Well done.

PS: I like that the fibro article seems much more up to date on fibro than some of the other sites I've been to. In fact, I've bookmarked it for later use. Thanks!

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