Rough day

I am going to feel today but its.NOTHING IN COMPARISON to what some people are going through. Let me start the day…

1:30am: someone wakes me up from outside yellin mom! So I thought it was my son. I go outside and there’s a car I’ve never seen in the middle of the road stopped. I didn’t see someone standing outside of it till the car pulled away. But there was a guy standing in the middle of the road. No shirt only pants n shoes on. He was on the phone and he was aggrivated. So I just came in the house…

6:45 am I wake up and go outside for a smoke. I hear hellicopters in the area. My hussband comes to the door and says “are those hellicopters?” And I tell him yes and he hands me his phone that just says “man in spanaway turns self into pierce county jail for shooting wife and daughter” and that brings me back to the guy earlier this morning. So I debate it and I call the non emergency number and tell her what I had seen earlier this morning. She dismisses it because they are about a 1/4 mile away from us.

2:30pm I just get back from shopping on my lunch Break my supervisor tells me to call him. So, I call him and he says, “you know brook from music co?” I said “yes” and he said " it was her mom and sister and her dad was the one who shot them!" I lost it and I cried my eyes out.

Went to the candle light vigil.

The moral of the story…Dont let your friend’s and family go a day without telling them you love them

Wow - speechless. Agree that we should not forget to tell special people in our lives how much they mean to us and that we love them.

My heart goes out to you in your tragic loss. Such a horrible tragedy. Take care of yourself…

Big Hugs,

Thanks for sharing. I love your moral, we do take it for granted that we will have tomorrow. It is the human in all of us. Another moral would be for me is that when I take my eyes of myself, which is virtually impossible when I am feeling real bad, then I actually feel a little better. So focusing on others is healing for a temporary distraction one of the two.

Good Stuff Punkin

Oh, Punkin.

(Moment of silence.)

Nothing I can say will take away that awful moment for you. What a horrible, inhuman thing for someone to do to his own family. And your poor friend... How could her dad do this to her mother and sister? I don't understand how people crack up to that extent. I can't comprehend someone going nuts and killing his own family, let alone anyone else.

I'm sorry, girl. I'm so, so sorry. I hope you go home and cry in your husband's arms. And you're right. Tell him you love him. Because each moment we have IS precious.

Hugs and love to you.

Email me privately if you need to. We can talk on the phone if you need to, can give you my number.


I was just reading a foreign newspaper's US news section. It talked about a man who'd just killed his wife and daughter. I thought, "It couldn't be, could it?" Then I saw it happened in Spanaway, Washington, and knew it was the same family as the one you're referring to. His wife was so pretty and his daughter so young. You wonder how someone could become maniacal enuff to do this? Apparently he had a huge, unpaid tax bill that he hadn't told his wife, it's always money. Why not just work something out with Uncle Sam? Or worst case scenario, lose the flippin house. No, you don't go and kill your family. IDK what gets into people - and yep, I lost a beautiful home due to thia economy but you move on...and love those who mean a lot to you.

Oh no! It is beyond belief that things have to come to this with anyone.

I am sorry for everyone, I just don't know what else to say...