Sick. :(

Man I woke up this morning and sick ad a dog. Why is it when we get sick we get worse? I was able to eat without it making me nauseated but it did upset my tummy a bit.

How is everyone doing today?

Gentle hugz

Hey girl, hope you're feeling some better tonight. There is that gastroenteritis bug going around that I had. Hope it's not that for you!

Nice to see you here. Your cupcake photos still make me (and probably Jo!) droooool with hunger.

Punkin, I’m sorry you have been sick, it’s bad enough we have to deal with all this pain, compound it with a flu it’s a double whammy ! I agree that things take longer for us to recover from
Hope you feel better
Hugs & blessings

Thanks everyone. I got some sleep and was able too keep down some wedding soup from Safeway. Fever broke around 11and haven’t had tummy cramps since about two so off to work for make tomorrow.

It sucks cuz you don’t feel well anyways and for it to make it worse it just unbelievable.

Well off for more soup.

Hi Punkin'! Yes, getting sick makes it much worse! Just seems to amplify the ill feelings we already have.

Hope that soup does the trick, that is delicious anytime, and the spinach makes it even more healing.

As everyone, I am hoping this leaves you quickly and completely, you have enough to fight through every single day!

Big hugs,


WHELP!! ! I started feeling really good last night and so I got up this morning and went to work. Well I am now at home and am filled with nausea! And to top it off I got a text from my volunteer coordinator asking if I was working today. I feel horrible telling her I can’t cuz I ask sick

Ah, you must have picked up a virus or flu somewhere, kiddo! It is just not going to let go of you yet. Take it easy, you can't if you can't! Things happen!

I know but we have had Soooo many problems with people not volunteering we could lose our spots in the stadium.

Make sure you keep up your liquids. Soup is good for that. Or even Gator Aid, to help with your electrolytes.

Oh yep, you've got the same thing that I had, more or less. Just be careful cause it's possible you could get the searing pain in the lower abdomin. It's part of the illness, so don't panic if it strikes. It's an odd bug, Punkin.

Hope you're feeling a wee bit better tonight. It took me over 2 weeks to kick that bug, so yes, it does seem to take longer with fibro.

Get well soon, kiddo!

You being down with a bug for a day or two cannot make that much difference, Punkin! IF you don't take care of yourself now, then it may take you down long and hard! Think about it! Do the owners put in time?

Exactly so. And you really can't work when you're nauseous. Don't think the people in the stadium would want to deal with the very real ramifications of your nausea, Punkin.

And if you can't take off a day or two due to a real flu or bug while you're participating in a volunteer position, then something's out of kilter. If others don't show up just out of laziness or whatever, the onus is on them. If they were really sick too, then maybe more volunteers are needed to help you guys out.

My dear old Nan called this 'The Grip', what is it you call it again, Petunia? The bleeks? You are a character!