Statins and FM

Had a really bad flare of hip bursitis out of the blue.
Had new pain in many parts of my body. The Cardiologist halfed my new stronger statins and now I’m much better. I had a scarily painful week til i realised what caused it. I am now lowering my cholesterol. I thing it was rising cos I ceased physio gym exercises that caused the heightened chol. Just thought I would pass it on. Mary

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Hi Mary, thanks for sharing!
I managed to get my blood fats down far below the target (LDL 47; target was 70) inside of 4-5 months with a strict Mediterranean diet. Researchers say this is also good for FM, as it is healthy anyway, altho I didn’t directly see any improvement in symptoms. My docs allowed me to stop Atorvastatin + Ezetimibe, altho I never had the muscle pain sfx. The check-up is due now. Same with blood pressure, cos most of my supps reduce blood pressure as a “side effect”. I’m hoping to keep both down without meds… :face_with_monocle:

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Hi Sounds like you have done well on the Mediteranean diet. I will have a look and decide. Thanks for feedback

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JayCS sorry that’s my short-term memory.:star_struck::relieved:

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Even people without fibro can get pain from those meds😂…i tried a natural statin and had the same result… i was able to use cholestoff and dropped my levels by 30

Interesting, thank you! I’d been thinking about supps for my blood fats, but hadn’t had time to look at them yet.
And the diet hast already dropped my LDL by 50 from 100 to 50 (70 being my target due to genetically high lipoprotein a) and my triglycerides from around 200 to 100.
Mayoclinic says about the contents of CholestOff “Plant sterols or stanols don’t appear to affect levels of triglycerides or of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, the “good” cholesterol.”
This would mean being on my diet anyway. I use lots of canola oil for omega 3.
What I have also seen to decrease triglycerides is chromium (picolinate):

Hi I have been off the chatline for sometime. Had Fm for 54 years! I now have gone off all medication as none of it helped. It just took the edge off but stole my short term memory (not too bad for my age) and did not suit my lifestyle. I now take only panadol 500 and use topical ointments, hot packs on neck and ceased physio exercise clinic during Covid. Still have bad days usually when I have overdone walking or housework uggh. I love swimming but never overdo it. Hi to all my old friends on this chatline. Hope you remember me. It’s good to be back. Soft hugs to all having a bad time at the moment.

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Hi Mary,

Definitely remember you! Good to see you back on again. That’d be soft hugs for me, then ;). But could be worse, I usually manage to stay happy all the time, despite everything - that’s much more than most can boast of I guess. And that together with keeping most of many symptoms under control, except for exhaustibility, take me to a high quality of life, despite hardly able to walk or talk…

how have you fared in the meantime? Are you not taking the CVD meds either?
How are your lipid levels? Have you got a blood pressure issue like me, too?
What’s your news on the FM front, then? Curious I am… :open_hands:

Blood pressure is one of my “main side” issues at the moment, re-visiting it cos of hospital for a week from severe vertigo, and the docs believing it’s the blood pressure, so recommending taking my candesartan again (from 4mg very slowly up to 16mg), and also when they saw my lipid levels recommended to take atorvastatin 20mg with ezetimibe (10mg) again.

My main issue however is severe exhaustibility which started with fibro and worsened with post vac MCAS. Everything else is annoying hard work, but under control.
This I don’t want to worsen with any meds, incl. CVD meds.

So the vertigo I now think will likely have been from too low BP at night turning into a spike period in the early morning, but even more from a neck strain and often sitting twist-stretched, probably too long to one side, these the ENT may well have contributed.

It was easy to get the neck pain stopped immediately (3 days was enough once I’d realized) and make sure I reduce and switch the twist-stretched sitting.
Now working on the blood pressure using my supps and techniques is the hard bit, cos it’s very variable and I first want to find out exactly how blood pressure and how my blood pressure works.

Atorvastatin and ezetimibe is a “completely” different question, except that like the high blood pressure, or rather its spikes, my genetic hyperlipidemia as well as a bit of plaque could “kill me earlier”. But actually my cardiologist agreed to let me work on all this with supps, we were checking the bloods and plaque every few months.
On the other hand, due to reduced appetite and weight, I’ve been straying from the Mediterranean diet I mentioned above a bit by adding cheese, dry fruit, dark chocolate, so am thinking this may be a reason to keep up the statin+ezetimibe.
(I’d stopped them again a week or two ago.)

Going back to what I wrote above, I have been taking a phytostyrol now for a bladder problem and will revisit the chromium picolinate I mentioned above, wonder why I shared it, but never tried it, there’ll be reasons…

So where are you? :smile:

Hi back to you. Good to be back!! I have had a fall 4 wks ago. Fell and have small fracture on wrist and very sore other hand. I will write back in a few days on my laptop cos it will be less painful mobile. I really would like to share some FM stuff and other issues I have. Soft hugs.
Mary M

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Ouch, I’ve sometimes dreaded falling since fibro, but when I did once fall pretty severely I was OK, so not quite as wary. I try to be very careful and think about my movements, at other times I think I’m doing pretty risky things, and my wife thinks so too, but that’s when I feel safe. But she’s the one who fell severely on her bike a week or so ago…

Hope your hands/wrists get better soon and look forward to your next post!

Hi I still cant get my laptop to work so I’ll talk on this site. Both hands are ok. Amazing have had v bad FMS for 54 years yet it appears to have disappeared for a while. Not sure if it was when I gently fell on my face with no injuries but broken wrist. Ha ha OR the fact that I have been taking CoQ10 or however it is spelt. Enjoying my remission from FM. Walking so much, snorkelling, housework, many gentle exercises every day blah… This is the longest it has lasted except when I was pregnant with my children 46 years ago!!! Go figure. Hope others can read this post. Cheers

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I’ve got a new instalment in my statin story:
As my lipids aren’t low enough just from supps, I tried my old statin again, but this time - after the jabs - I didn’t tolerate it at all, it completely neutralized all that LDN was doing for me (energy etc.).
Even just taking 1-2mg was just as bad.
Then I checked if it could be the excipients.
There are about 10 in most brands, 5 in the coating and 5 in the tablet.
The worst 3 in mine were in the coating, so I’m now filing that off - and now tolerating 10mg and trying to increase further.
But taking 2mg in the evenings caused insomnia. So I now make sure I take it early in the morning.

Next is the ezetimibe, same guinea pig trial procedure.

Before was the blood pressure med. I don’t tolerate it in the full 4mg amount I was sposed/wanting to aim for first. But I do if I spread it all over the day. 4mg is enough, it turns out. Probably because I’m taking 10+ supps that reduce blood pressure too. The 4mg is according to studies only sposed to reduce blood pressure by 9mmHg, but it seems to be reducing mine by 20-40mmHg.

Hope this’ll continue in the same vein - a bit complicated, but doable.

I am really good thanks. My heart meds don’t bother me at all. I had a fall in Tasmania and broke wrist so plaster for 6 wks. Couldn’t do anything but no pain. Both hands arthritis. Summer coming so should be ok. I have been in remission of FM for 3months!! Except when I get upset worried or depressed which has been following me all my life. Not sure why I am so good with FM. Could be drinking 2 litres of water taking Coq10 or the knock on my face when I fell. My rmemory is shocking every day which is difficult but at least no pain. I can’t take on my friends probs as not in a good place. Thanks for the correspondence. Cheers and Merry Christmas to you and your family. I still cant get on my laptop which would be essier.

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