Things that make me very ANGRY!

“You don’t look sick” *really, didnt know you were a magician and could tell whats wrong with me by looking at me!*

“You’re too young to have this much wrong with you” *youve got to be joking...!*

“Isn’t that something that only old people get?” *lol NO*

“Just get over it, you’re fine.” *this is one of the worst ones to me..*

“You just need to exercise more” *yeah if i wasnt in pain i would, youre smart....*

"this all must be in your head, you cant possibly have all of that" *well i do so get over yourself!*

"im sure youll grow out of it" *yes, you can grow of a incurable life long illness come on now..*

"im tired too" *oh god, no you dont get it!!*

doctors: "how are you? good?" *NO!!! the same ive been feeling for four years*

Dear Aliana,

I know you are angry! You have every right to be! I surely hope that life is a little better connecting with others who understand, and I am so glad that you are still in search of a good Doc, who is able and willing to take care of you. I am hoping you will be in for a new health care experience soon.



Keep your chin up!

Poor kid. Yeah, those are insensitive comments, to be sure. I'm sure people don't mean to be because they DON'T KNOW how terrible this illness is. But I understand your anger, Ali. It's a lot on your young shoulders. It's NOT fair and you have every right to be angry about it.

My rheumatologist said that much better meds will be available for fibro in five or perhaps fewer years. Yeah, a long wait when we're in pain. But it's something.

Maybe you need a mantra to repeat to others when they come up with these stupid comments. Something like: Actually, I have a chronic illness that is exceedingly painful every day." Then meet any more stupidity with a bland smile and a firm stare that tells them that you won't discuss it any further.

I understand you completely. My mom still gives me the your too young line all the time followed up by you’ll be fine. I wish she would just let me vent to her without getting the stupid lines. She has impressed me though by telling me that I am a very strong women like her.

i have the most supportive mother in the world im very lucky! its my friends, siblings and cousins who say these things to me!

im sorry, you can always vent to me and im sure everyone else on this webite with open arms and true understanding of what youre going through.

and you are strong, everyone with this diesease is strong to keep on fighting everyday


i dont think they mean to be hurtful but it most defiantely is! mostly my cousin he doesnt understand what its like to be in this type of pain all the time. this is a horrible thing to wish for but some days i just wish for one day he can be in my pain and see how bad it is!

it is a long wait, but as long and i keep holding on i have a great support system!

yes! i will defiantly try that thank you!


Here is a very smart young woman with FMS and CFS, who you will like very much, you can also watch her speak on youtube, I know that you cannot go through this with everyone you meet, but you can share it with some.

Hope this helps! Everyone loves her!




my mom showed me that a few months ago its really usefulll!

thank you


Omg!! You know
Exactly how
I feel!!! Goodness… I’m so sorry you have to hear those things in for one know how that feels… @ this point I just pretend that I dOnt hear them!

me too! i pretend i dont hear it but it still eats me alive):

Glad to hear better meds should be coming in a few years. I will also try the mantra, bland smile and firm stare. Haha! Actions do speak louder than words lol. If that doesn't work I will bite them all over until they feel the same pain we suffer.

I know it does me too! But what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! We are some strong women! :slight_smile:

thank you so much, im trying


yes!! ahha thank you

LOL LOL LOL! Now Jo, you really got me laughing, picturing you doing that!

I've often thought of telling people who don't believe me, "Let me put YOUR hand in the car door and slam it, then crack a baseball bat against your back, then bang your knee into something sharp, then slam the piano case top on your wrist, then stick hot needles into your foot...and do this every day, every hour, then we can talk about my pain again."

This DID happen to my sister, who often makes rather stupid and insensitive comments to me about the illness. She came down with a HORRID case of Lyme's Disease and was horribly ill for 2 weeks. She definitely GOT IT while ill but now that she's well again...she's back to saying stupid things. I love her but GOD she's dense with it sometimes.

I think that all of you young people who are coping with this illness are very strong people. You're survivors. And that's an impressive trait.

Yes, you are.

Lol!! Push them down the stairs, kick them in the ribs, the head and the backside, stamp on their hands and feet, and rub them all over with really rough sandpaper. That should get the point across

Hahaha. Yes my dad was talking about this time when he had awful pain and told me how he dealt with it, because he's obviously some master of pain control, and I should try the same. I was like "no way! I never thought of that!" (in my sarcastic voice) then "Now have you thought how it would be to add at least another 10 areas of pain like that then have it for a week, then a month, then wonder when it's gonna go, then a year, then be told you are never gonna get better and have it for years and years. Did you think about that Dad? No I didn't think so... Not quite the same is it?" DENSE!