Well, what do you know

I guess I am figuring out this site. This is my first post on this forum. I just joined yesterday. I thought I would share a little information with the group. I’ve been diagnosed with fibro for a year but I’m sure I have had it much longer.
It is 3:29 in the morning so I guess it’s obvious that I have insomnia. I also have besides fibro, migraines, osteoarthritis, depression and costochondritis.
I would love to share information with others with fibro but will probably not start too many discussions just yet. I guess I’m shy but it does feel good to express some things and know that someone actually understands what I’m talking about with these crazy fibro symptoms.
I think I will start slow by maybe answering others posts for a while until I get the hang of this.
I think this is a great site for information, caring and sharing.
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome ! Darlene

Welcome, it is always tough starting something new. I am new too, everyone has been wonderful.

Welcome! Im in the same boat.....

Hi dollybaby

I joined afew weeks ago, it’s such a supportive, understanding site. Welcome


Thanks for the warm welcomes !
I finally went to bed a little after 4:00am and was up at 9:00 am. I wish I could get more sleep but 5 hours is certainly better than some people so I’ll try not to complain too much.
I’m just amazed about the support from this group in such a short time.
I hope everyone has a great day !

Just read emails of welcome ...thanks so much it means such a great deal to me that I am not insane and others know what I am going thru. Off to appt today !! need money as I had to finish my job and know I must prove my eligibility but hey life can be a challenge as we all know .The lack of sleep is so frustrating I can hardly think straight hope my GP can come up with something I am so tired. I hope you all have a great day


you have come to the right place & I’m so glad you took the step to share !! Your so right these symptoms are crazy and they often leave us feeling so frustrated … It’s is so helpful though to know we are not alone.
Please feel free to share more, this is what makes us all feel so connected.

Hugs & blessings

Welcome Darlene,

Prayers, I know what you mean. Fibro is not easy. I find it harder having people believe me. I still work 40 hours a week and it is very difficult. I was diagnosed 11/2012, but I believe I have had it for 3-4 years, I just was afraid to find out. Also, I just had a sleep test 2 weeks ago and got the results yesterday. I now found out I have sever sleep apnea that is now a factor to my pain.



Hi Darlene! With all of these nice people you will get the hang of things fast. I hope you don't have another sleepless night tonight. :0( I joined here because nobody in "the real world" seems to get it. These people normalize things for us. Post what you need to talk about and you will get the best ideas with answers to your questions. I have learned more on here the last 3 or 4 months than in the previous 4 years.