Your Pain Threshold

I just had an apifany. When I am reading through people’s posts about how much pain they are in and what they take to relieve their pain I associate their pain as the same level as mine. Now I know logically that everyone’s symptoms and pain level is different but I for some reason while reading some replies on Petunias post realized that I clump everyone into my catagory which is totally unfair to you. Cuz then I don’t understand how you could live in as much pain as I am in because I can barely stand it with meds onboard!

Pain level: non-meds; 10 of course. I am in tears and can’t move but can’t sit still
Meds on board. On a good day, 4-5 to me this is like you’ve fallen and had the wind knocked out of you. That pain that is associated with it. On a bad day 7-8 this to me is if you’ve ever had Charliehorses all over your body.and of course all the stabbing pain you can think of. And with all of them they don’t give an inch. It’s last 60/1/24/7 no give whatsoever.

Before my accident my pain on a good day could be switched with pain on a bad day. And non meds so on for non med days. Now I could not even fathomm not having my meds. I’d be rolling on the floor inconsolable.

Anyways If I hve made anyone feel as if I was pushing the use of nrcotics on you this is why cuz I associated your pain as mine…

What is your pain level like?

Light and Love

That’s the other thing. When I was younger I had an an extreeme pain threshold. 3 examples.

#1. I was roughly, 6yo cuz I was in 1st grade and my mom had a mid 70’s Monte Carlo the ones with the heavy doors. Well we lived in a duplex with a small incline on the driveway. Well my mom never let me get out of the car by myself because the doors on that thing I could barely touch. Well one day she was in a hurry and we pulled into the driveway and she parked. I got out of the car and went to shut the door and caught my hand as it was closing. The door slammed shut on my hand and I stood there in a calm voice and said “umm mommy,” and she said “what danielle go in the house!” And I said "but I can’t"and she said “why?” And I said “because mommy my hand is in the door” and she freaked out and rushed to open the door. She shoved me back in the car and drove around the block to the fire station and they wrapped my hand that was squirting blood everywhere up and sent me to the doctors. Well at the doctors she made my mom sit out in the waiting room because she had to set all four fingers on my right hand. bout thirty minutes after we went into the room she came out and said “okay all done” and my mom said “do I need to take her to the hospital?” Doc said “nope we are done. that has to be the strongest little girl I’ve ever seen: she just sat there while I straightened everyone of her fingers out and had one tear roll down her cheek!”

#2. I was about 8 yo my mom had just had my little brother and I was at a neighbor’s house across the street. Well this was a busy 4 lane street where people did 35-40 mph down it and I wasn’t supposed to cross the street by myself. Well I was late and didn’t want to call mom cuz I would get into trouble for being late so I just ran across the street. Well a lady hit me. I got up shook it off and finished crossing the street and started walking down the other side cuz I crossed at my house but I didn’t want the lady to know where I lived. She chased me down and said we need to call your mom. So she took me up to my own door and knocked, proceeded to tell my mother that she had hit me and wanted to contact my mother. My mom said " I AM HER MOTHER!". I was grounded for eternity.

#3. Spring break my junior year of h.s. I was working as an outrider for a horseback Riding place out at the ocean on the wa coast. Well long story short Wednesday I was bucked from a horse, landed on my collar bone and when I went back to school that next Monday I was complaining about my left arm going numb and the nurse had me rushed to the ER by ambulance to find out I had shattered my left collar bone.

After all that who woulda thought that somethjng like this would take me out!

Well, I defanatly think my pain is not as bad as a lot of people’s on here. I just had to go to physical therapy, which was no help, and they of course kept asking abut my pain and how it was and what level it was etc. I realized with my meds working a good day was about a level 3 I’m not even sure what it’s like to be without pain anymore. 3 I think is the best I ever get. Typically it increases over the day. I don’t think it ever gets toa 10 when its bad but it’s in so many places that I can’t stand it. I do have more pain in my back and ribs and they can also have the shooting and stabbing pains. I can typically withstand what I call a 7 but if it gets much worse than that that’s when I start weighing weather its worth taking my Vicodin, cause sometimes it makes me sick and I still have to be a mommy. When my ribs hurt its hard cause there is no way to position myself to help and makes functioning hard. Hope this was some help.

I'm usually about a 3 or 4 on a good day and 9 or 10 on a bad but I don't take meds if at all possible as I have been addicted to narcs before and would really not like to go there again. I do work a full time job but I'm very lucky that it is a sit down job that I can get up and move around whenever I need to.

I'm luckier than most folks on here. My pain usually ranges from 3-7 most days. But it never really goes away completely. I find that not thinking about it helps the most. I also have ADD, so I think that helps me - I'm distracted from the pain. About a week or 2 before I was diagnosed with the fibro, someone on an ADD site was suggesting yoga as a way to relax and focus - "get in touch with your body." I said, "I don't want to get in touch with my body because it never has anything good to tell me!"

Since the fibro diagnosis (from the rheumotologist) I've been back and forth between denial and acceptance. My PCP called it CFS/Fibro because my biggest complaint has been the fatigue. But when I pressed her on it, she told me she's less concerned with putting a label on it than she is with making me feel better.

Punkin, I just keep getting introduced to new magnitudes of '10' on the pain scale, much of that is through invasive treatments and tests that I am supposed to be 'numbed for'! It is a non stop muscle, nerve, joint, disc and bone pain!

When I get to the Rheumy and he gives me the questionairre of all of these types of pain that I have, I circle them all! I am sure that as my life goes on, I will indeed reach even higher magnitudes of 10 as these autoimmune diseases progress and more damage is present.

I am getting closer to having to take the narcotic as a maintence drug, and it really knocks me down, at least the phenergan does, and it takes the 'drive' out of me! BUT even though I am in the process of accepting this, and it is an on-going process, I am ever hopeful for a med that will make a dramatic difference!

Gotta have that hope and drive, I know you have it!

Punkin, well this is an EXCELLENT point! I KNOW that some of the people here are in far worse pain than me, which makes me feel guilty, like I shouldn't complain so much. Most probably, because it's my back that hurts me the worst. I think i could manage ok if the back got better, but I'm not sure cause the back pain pushes all the other pain to the side. But I feel so badly for those of you who have it like you describe it. Cause except for my back, my pain is at a manageable level elsewhere in the summer. I think that, except for my back, my case of fibro is more mild than most of yours. Yes, I hurt and yes, fatigue really gets to me, but my pain isn't hideous, except for my back. Well, winters can change that.

I don't quite know how to rate it compared to your pain-o-meter. Back right now for the past 3 weeks has been a 7-8 on your scale. Probably even up to a 10 at times. Rest of the body stays at the 3-4 level in the summer. Storms excepted.

I just wanted to say that I didn't realize your pain level was so extreme, Punkin, except for your pills. i'm so sorry that you're going thru that, and Jillian too, and anyone else on the extreme scale of things. Especially when you're there on a non-stop timeframe. i honestly DON'T know how you guys cope. For me, I just come home from work and lie down. Ice the back. Fall asleep. Wowie, big coping skills.

Oh SK...that's so sad. Esp. the part of getting to where you're gonna have to take the narcotics as a maintenance drug and how they knock it out of you. Yes, they do! I'm so sorry that you're coming to that pass. i know exactly what you mean about the narcs and how that's a compromise you have to make, yet it's like a compromise with the devil. It just makes me sad to think of your wonderful personality being tamped down some with those drugs and yet I'd make the same choice in your shoes. I just hope another alternative comes along before that happens, I really do.

You sound like me, Becca, except my back is always in the 6 range, at the least. And yeah, about a 6 or 7 is manageable but after than, I want help! For you, it's a tough choice, what with being a mother. You have to watch when you can take your pain meds. It sure must be tough having this illness along with young kids. Bless you for handling it.

Wow, you work f-t fibroducky? I'm impressed! Do you mind my asking what you do?

Thanks so much that makes me feel better.

Jillian, from my own experiences, depression really does seem to make the pain less manageable. For instance, I was getting my mense over the weekend and the depression associated with it made me much less able to cope with the pain and everything. I truly wanted to Hulk people, as Jo so nicely put it. Pulverize anyone in my path, so thankfully no one was! So yeah, depression can definitely amplify pain. What a pain!

Hey, I have ADD too! So at least forgetting things isn't something new to me! Everyone already thinks of me as an air head. I'm not, it's just the stupid ADD and fibro.

Getting better IS important, but I'd also want the label. For instance, CFS is related to the mono Epstein Barr virus, isn't it? You can't give blood if you have CFS because they aren't sure if it is communicable, etc. Just for that reason, I'd be curious as to what it is. BTW, did you ever have mono? A lot of people with CFS started out with mono.

I know Pet, some additional, possibly autoimmune, health issues caused my husband to call my Doctor, and I really have me bummed out/ticked off right now, was hoping to dodge them but... Gonna go through the wringer again! Hard to always be upbeat! I try, but sometimes I'm just not too successful! I think those Greeks have something with breaking plates!

I would actually like some new dishes! LOL!!

Petunia Girl, there is nothing you can do that does not involve the back/core part of your body! I have also felt guilty when going for tests or treatments and talked to some of these poor souls who have fallen 7 stories on a construction site and lived! So I do understand, but we all suffer, God knows until we found Ben and his friends we suffered in silence or drove a loved one away!

I know we had more rain last night, so that is not helping anything!

I feel guilty about my pain when I think of Punkin, Renie, Brian and some others! Just tears you up, and poor Renie can't take pain meds!

I would disscus your options with your doc. There’s got to be something that will help that makes you less drowsey.

This is the reason I’m on what I am on…when I have meds on board I feel like I did when I was first diagnosed with fms. They “say” fms is not progressive but don’t ask me that cuz ill fight tooth and nail to tell you otherwise!

I was called into work today. Yippie! We got in a whole crud load of merchandise in that we needed to get ready for boards and out to the sales men. My husband and I work for a pulltab company and I out together the boards that have different stuff like knives, hats, pool ques, t-shirts, yada yada. But I am on my feet all day and my lower back is somewhat ticked off at me right now! Couple of oxy’s down and bed is Sooo comphy! Be back later with more!

I had mono over 20 years ago. CFS may be related to the EBV - no conclusive proof. Something like 85% of all Americans have been exposed to the virus before they're 40, but they don't all get CFS. It's like fibro - no test you can take to say "yes you have it" or "no you don't."

Well I’m one who didn’t get it from mono. I’ve never had it. However, until I was 10 years old I had pneumonia roughly six times and it landed me in the hospital 3 or 4.