Afraid to go to bed

i am finding myself being afraid to go to bed because of just laying there tossing and turning due to pain. its like once i go to bed i am so much aware of my pain and it seems to just be worse. my therapyst has taught me ways to use my mind to escape from my pain but i seem to find hard to do some nights.

there r times when i wish i could go to bed but i am stuck being awake usually because i watch my nephew every other weekend for my brother who works nights at a resturant. my nephew doesnt usually pass out till after 10 pm.

does anyone go through this? it kinda reminds me of being a kid and afraid to go to bed because of the monster hiding under my bed or in the closet. only now the monster is the pain.

i do have a cd that plays very relaxing music that i put on repeat and that sometimes works but some nights the pain is so bad i dont fall asleep till 3am or later. there have been lots of nights i fall asleep as my mom is getting up which is about 7am which i guess i should have said mornings. i am more of a night owl but i dont want to b up all night. i have never been a morning person even though when i was working several jobs had me getting up around 6:30am.

the fact that i am not able to work right now is kinda a blessing cause other wise i would b forced to go to work on no sleep. while i do try to keep busy visiting family that lives near by there those days where i spend most of my day in bed usually due to not sleeping the night before.

well i wrote this to see what others do when the pain seems to take over and we find ourselves awake at night. i thought maybe we could share ideas on what works on nights where pain seems to take over and we cant sleep.

I too am afraid of going to bed and not sleeping and the next day I suffer big time. I try to take my pain pill about an hour before bed 11pm or there abouts, and play some games on my laptop , the kind that are fun not tense and I find myself getting sleepy, this does not work all the time but does help. I find I have to do something to try and keep my mind of the pain.

Went camping with my husband , felt not to bad when we left the last night there I could not sleep , I knew a flare up was coming I could feel it all day but got real bad when I went to bed, so it was a long night again. Came home today ,I think my camping days might be over, now that we bought a motorhome...It is my husband who I feel sorry for, he is quite well, but never complains, and I know he worries about me.

That is all I have done but I know the feeling you are talking about...

I wake up from the pain , sometimes I just roll over but other nights I cannot go back to sleep, mybe this will be another thing we have to look forward with this Fibro..

Take care , hope your nights get better..

i think sleepless nights r all to commen for fibro patients. so many of us have mulitlpe pain conditions and that just adds to not sleeping. i do hope it is not a regular thing for u. i see in your photo its of a very cute rather young baby. i am guessing u r a mom. i dont have kids and cant imangine having this disease and raising a baby. just having children causes for nights of little sleep at times. i only know from being an aunt of 15 and watching them overnight at young ages.

i hope u can somehow make camping work out for u. i know they sell mattress toppers maybe getting one of those for the camper might help. my family used to camp alot when i was younger now we own to cabins on the lake. my grandparents own one and my aunt the other. so i can still have the fun of the outdoors but the comforts of home.

i do hope u have lots of restful nights in front of u.

ok i wrote this at midnight with some hope i would b able to sleep. well its 5:30am and i am about ready to go insane. i dont understand how can we feel so tired yet our bodies not let us sleep cause of pain? right now i just want to scream its not just fibro pain keeping me up its this horriable pleursy. doesnt matter how i lay my chest hurts. in less than 12 hours i will have to take care of a very active 3 year old so my brother can go to work. i need to sleep yet nothing i have tried is working.

Eeyore, I do so feel your pain. It really sucks to be awake all night. I take a strong muscle relaxer, Zanaflex, an hour or so before I go to bed and Ambien CR. I usually fall asleep with little to no problem on most nights and at least sleep solidly for 3-4 hours. It is the only thing that has worked for me. Not everyone can take Ambien but it helps a lot of people. I know that it is so lonely to be up and in pain when the rest of the world is asleep.

I don’t know why the pain is worse at night. It seems counterintuitive because we are resting, or at least trying to rest. Perhaps it is because our minds aren’t occupied by something else- kids, tv, husband, pets, etc.- so we aren’t able to ignore the pain as much.

Hope you had a better night last night and that there are more to come!

thank you. i know i have been given ambien when i have been admitted to the hospital which happens a few time a year due to my asthma. i always ask for a sleeping pill cause i usually require round the clock neb treatments. so on top of nurses checking my vitals every so many hours i have some one else someing in to do the breathing treatments. they did use a mask to do the treatments at night and i dont have to really wake up just lift up my head and they do the rest. but if u have ever been admitted for anything u know how hard it is to sleep in the hospital and with all that goes on i need a sleeping pill cause it makes it easier to fall back asleep or even stay pretty much asleep while they r doing what ever they need to do with me.

i have never had sleeping pills at home. ya i ahve tried to otc ones and even the natural ones but they dont seem to really work so i stopped wasting money on them. maybe it is time to ask the dr for some. even if i dont need one every night they may help on nights where the pain has me awake.

I was scared of the Ambien at first because I heard bad things about it but it helps. I also tried everything else and finally started taking it. It doesn’t always keep me asleep all night but I get a few hours when I first go to sleep.

Not sleeping sucks enough when you fee l good but is 1000 times worse when you don’t. I hope you find something that works for you.

Omg yes I hate going to bed now. I have really bad anxiety that starts a couple of hours before I plan to sleep. I take 75mg of amitryptiline and still lie there staring at the walls. So depressing isn't it, and so lonely too. Even harder when I'm trying to lose weight, or be good, because it more hours and hours I feel hungry lol.

I play poker on facebook which can be really boring, it "should" send me to sleep, or sudoku to really make sure I'm brain dead. I used to do cross stitches so I was doing something productive whilst awake, so I might take that up again.

I find college courses really helpful to learn new things and take up time as I have so much spare. While I've been studying carpentry and plumbing at college I read my text books, on sleepless nights to revise for tests or the units we're working on at the time.

In between I'm up and downstairs getting drinks and snacks/fruit. Sometimes I don't get to sleep until 4 and sometimes I wake up at 4. So I'm not too keen on the number 4 now. Sometimes I can "force" myself to fall asleep by swinging my foot enough to forget the pain or what's on my mind, but then it just wakes you up again a couple of hours later and you have a hard time dropping off again.

Hi, the picture of the baby is my great grandson..dp not think I could care for him, but he sure is cute.You know a cabin does sound like the answer, we live on a farm so I can be outdoors, it is just sometimes I like to be near water, I will try again I sure do not want to give up now.

I had a terrible night last night but not feeling too bad today, did get some things done around the house, I do not worry if everything is not spotless ..just can't.

Hope tonight is a good night for you

Gentle hugs..

i agree the house does not have to b spotless. the main thing for me is keeping up with dishes and making sure the floors r kept clean. if the bath tub doesnt get washed or there is laundry piles up a bit no big deal. we cant push ourselves or we will pay for it.

well i think i got a total of maybe 6 hours and it wasnt all at once. thankfully nephew is having lots of fun chasing his trains right now and i am free to lay on the couch and relax. he is a really great kid. i do feel bad cause he wanted to go to the park and i just cant find the energy. ya part of it is no getting the sleep i needed the other is due to the pain from the pleursy. because i only watch my nephew everyother weekend i do my best to keep up with him even though come monday i am usually completly drained.

i am hoping that because the last two nights of getting very little sleep i will sleep tonight no matter how much my chest hurts.

ok this plueusy is not letting me sleep. its been 3 nights now. last night when i went to bed and the pain was so bad it was like someone was stabbing me on both sides. i thought i was going to lose it. i am going to do what ever i can to get to the er somehow. right now i am stuck with my nephew who is 3 and i will have him till after 5 and i am by myself. so i cant go to the er right now cause there is no way i can take care of a 3 year old the hospital. so far i have been able to lay on the couch while he plays. i am just waiting for nap time.

Aww bless you, still suffering. Do I have to come and kick you up the bum at 5? lol. I just tried taking a nap myself as 4 hours sleep really sucks, but I can't sleep through the bass of next doors speakers. So I will try to last it out til bed time and hope I catch up. (Not too much though please) I've given my bro a front door key in case he doesn't hear from me for a couple of days haha. Anyway, I'm sorry you are still struggling along. You just want to sleep when you're ill don't you and can't be bothered ith the hassle of waiting around hospitals etc. You will probably be better before someone actually realises they need to do their job properly.

well not sure my plan to get to the er may not happen. my mom came home got dinner then left to go work out. i have had my nephew for 12 hours. yes he did take a nap and i was able to try to sleep. but this has been a very long day. i do not want it to end with not getting the medical help i need. i am tired of waiting i am tired of being in so much pain. it doesnt help that the pain just seems to b getting worse. why has this been so hard for me. i have never had this much trouble in getting better.

i feel like my family is tired of helping me and right now. and while i cant blame them i really need there help. i am not sure how much more of this i can take. between the sleepless nights and the now constant pain that just keeps worse i dont what to do. i guess maybe i should just call 911 and hope i can get a ride home if i dont get admitted. i am really desprete right and all i want is to get better. i never knew it would b this hard to get someone to take me in.

i know i am complaining and i am sorry.

Hope you are okay right now. It stinks that you’re feeling so terrible and can’t get to see a doctor. Wish I could help you. Take care, Sunny

i wish my mom could see that disspite a bad migraine i am awake and on the computer only because i am so afraid to go to bed. my pain seems to be so much worse in bed. it like a living hell. i wish she would understand right now i need help. but its like she is blind to what i am going through. i just want help i just want her to know that if go to the er its cause have no choice i have to get help for this pleursy. she thinks i go just to get pain meds it not true and i cant seem to get her to understand that.

at this point at 2am i have two choices go to bed and pray once more i will sleep or take mt moms car and drive my self to the er only to risk that she will not have for work in the morning. yes i could call an ambulance and then hope that if i get relaesed in the middle of the night i can wake someone to get me. i almost called one last night and right now the pains worse than it was then. i am not sure i will make it through the night unless i fall into a deep sleep right as i get into bed.

i dont know why i care so much about someone having to get up in the middle of the night if i dont get admitted. i havent slept in three days. at least not good sleep i just toss and turn after hours of laying there waiting to fall alseep. i guess i will try to go to bed who knows maybe tonight will b my lucky night and i can worry about getting treatment tomorrow but giving how the last three nights have gone i am not so sure. part of me thinks ok its been three nights i will pass out while the other part knows i am much more pain now than i have been and it just wont happen. i have tried to b posssitive but i guess u need more sleep than i have had to think positive.

bye for now

thanks i know u and others on here would help if they could. i am very thankful for my friends on here.


Did you get to the doc? I hope that you are okay and that you managed to get some rest. Please let us know how you are.

well satuday i once again was not able to sleep. i did finnaly give up and called an ambulance around 4am. the dr that saw me said he wouldnt give me narcotic pain meds cause i was having chest pain. i had told him the reason i was having all the pain but it didnt seem to matter. so no pain relief for the chest pain. i was given the usual for the migraine i was having which includes iv benadryl so i was able to kinda sleep while in the er. i was told he couldnt find a reason for the chest pain increasing or the fact that i was hurting in more places now.

i was sent home and finally after 4 nights of little to no sleep i passsed out around 9am this morning. ifinally was able to get the deep sleep my body was needing. i slept for about 11 hours. it sucked to wake up at 10 pm and realize i still feel horriable. i just cant win right now. its been 3 weeks of misery when will it end. i am very thanful for finally sleeping but cant help but still b mad that i was finally seen by a dr and they have no answer. how can the pain b worse and in more places and nothing b wrong. i just dont understand. i feel like iam never going to get better.

well just thought i would give an update since i was awake. thanks once again for caring .

Thanks for letting us know how you got on. Frustrating I bet for the hundredth time of not enough help. Did they tell you how the pleurisy was or take chest xrays etc? I'm glad you got plenty of sleep in the end although it doesn't make up for all the lost sleep.