Pleursy is not getting better or going away. What do I do?

i know i had a discussion on pleursy and got alot of help from those who responded. well its going 4 weeks now with no improvement. i was at the er a week ago cause the pain spread all over my chest and to the sides of my body and the pain was so bad i thought i was going to go crazy from it.

the er dr checked my heart again and did an x ray and said well i dont know whats going on. i was so fusterated i wanted to just cry. i didnt even get anything while at the er to help. i was given toratdol but that did nothing it usually never helps any pain and this time was no different.

i cant afford to see my dr cause no they request a full payment before being seen and if u dont have u cant be seen. its only $20 but when u dont work its alot and my mom is really strapped for money caause her and my step dad just put out $200 to get my car fixed. i know must b thinking if i cant afford $20 for the dr how do i afford the er. well i fill out forms for the hospital to help and all hospitals have charity programs and can write off patients bills. i hate do things this way but until i get the medical card i have no choice. i am too old to b on my parents insurance.

well the pain is still effecting all areas of my chest. the pain is so bad that even sitting on the couch typing this the pain is bring tears to my eyes. the pain is causing me to lose sleep and right now have my days and nights mixed up. i tried to fix that and i just ended up feeling worse so now i just sleep when the pain allows and lay around and drink water when i am up. i have been unable to much around the house but i try and i cant go out cause i am waiting for my uncle to finish fixing my car. hopefully it will get done by sat. afternoon.

do i try another er and leave out that fact i have fibro so they cant tell me thats what causing the pain. or do i just keep tring to wait this out. i have not had any antibotics this whole time. only a couple short coarses of steriods and pain pills. i now know fibro can cause chest pain but i was told when this all started that the dr could hear a rubbing sound when i breathe. so i know this started as pleursy but is it just taking extra long to go away? of can it b that the infection causes the fibro to somehow start effecting my chest? so many thoughs have run through my mind.

any thoughts on this would b great. thanks

ok i started this disscussion around midnight friday. i finally fell asleep around 5am due to pain and was awakened at 7 am struggling to breathe and my lips r now blue. this is not the first time my lips have changed colors and while it may seem very worrysome to many its just part of asthma for me. if they stay purple or blue for longer than a few hours i will b checked.

well that being said does this mean that this pluersy thing is not fibro? i know for those of u without asthma it may b a little harder to make a guess on. either way i am more confused now. i am not sure if the breathing problem is from the pleursy or my asthma. booy i wish i had a dr in my house. this past month has just been one thing after another and i have more questions than answers on what is going on.

thank you Sandi. i dont have a free clinic only ones with a sliding scale that goes according to your income. the one that i go to is not the greatest but meets my bacic needs and i get my meds like cymbalta for free through the company. they have a person who handels all the paperwork and callling the compnays for refils when i need them. thank you for offering to pay for me to go but i really couldnt ask you to do that but it means so much that u r offering. some hoow i will get the money i need to go.

i am thinking i will end up in the er before the day is over. my breathing is not getting better. and if it gets much worse i will have no choice but call an ambulance. if my car was fixed i would go now but my uncle just got here to finish fixing it.

oh and to answer your last question i was supposed to b tested for lupus but somehow it never go done. i will try to have that done asap.

If I were in your shoes, I'd go to another ER and not mention the fibro, at least not later in the treatment.

Eeyorelover, I wish I could answer your medical questions but I'm ignornant on the topic. I do know that fibro causes chest pain but I don't know what's going on in your body. Since you've been feeling so poorly for 4 weeks, I think it's time to return to the ER and seek another opinion.

I'm concerned about you. I know you've been suffering for several weeks now. Please go and get medical care. Hopefully this time you'll get treatment and will feel better.

Keep us posted, Eeyorelover!

Hugs to you!


PS: I can pay the $20 for you. Can put it on my debit card so you can be seen right away. Also think you need to be tested for Lupus. Can the hospital do that for you?

thank you so much for being so concerned. it means alot that u have kept up with my many discussions. i have had fibro since 09 but only latley have i been having so many health battles. i am not getting the answers i need from the drs thats why i have turned to experts, those who live with fibro.

i am not sure if the hospital will test me but i am sure they could. i think they would want to leave a test like lupus to my horriable drs office. i know i need to b greatful to b able to see drs i am just mad that now i am stuck pay the whole $20.

thank u for offering to pay i cant believe that u would b willing to help a perfect stranger in need. u r the second one to offer help. i would hate to have u pay for me to see the dr. i have no way to pay u back right now. i am in a battle to get disability i finally am in the stage where i wil b seen by a judge. i wont know when till 20 before the court date. but i am excited to b at this stage my 3rd appeal was just filed too.

well so my asthma symptoms have not gotten any worse. my lips r no longer blue. after a couple hours they turned to purple. i know that is not great but its better. i know this may b hard to blieve but i have gone to the er with purple lips and i was getting plenty of oxogen. seems hard to believe but its happened.

i am feeling so crappy today i dont even want to shower. my chest pain is now worse again i guess from struggling to breathe. i just want to get rid of this pleursy and my asthma get back to normal. depending on how the rest of the night goes i may go in anyways to make sure my breathing troubles r not being caused by a different infection. i would also like to get an antibotic and some pain meds so i can sleep. i will update u later.

Eeyorelover, please go back to a different ER and don’t mention the fibro. Something is reallywrongand if you have pleurisy, they can treat it. I had it once back when I was young and healthy and they put me in the hospital for several days. Are you near st. Louis or another big city?might get more help there. Prayers heading your way.

Don't worry about it, Eeyorelover, I wouldn't expect it back. I've been in that awful situation in the past. if you want to go to the doc, let me know and I can call his office and give my debit info.

Even if your doc is horrible, if you get a positive ANA result, he'd have to pay some attention, even if only to suggest having another one in a few weeks. If you have a positive ANA I think it's pretty likely that you'd be looking at Lupus but I'm no medical person so don't take my word for it.

And go to the ER if you feel terribly tomorrow! Please don't sit around worrying and wondering. Four weeks is too long to be in such pain!

Yes, please go! And please update us!

i am about an hour from Chicago Il. they have like 5 hospitals with in a few blocks of each other. i was out there when i ran a high fever for weeks and my dr coulnt find the reason. they ran a bunch of tests and sent me home and after going back to my dr once more she finally put everything together and did a mono test. it took a month of dr visits and several ers to figure it out. and right now if i was able i would travel anywhere to b able to get rid of this pleursy.

thanks for your prayers.

thank you soooo much. i will ge back to as to when i can get in at the clinic i go to so i can get the ANA test.

in er now hoping to get what i need. i cant seem to get my breathing under control and if the pain comes back like it did last night i will go crazy. update with results as soon as i can.

I will donate $20 as well with no strings attached. I know what it’s like to be in a tough spot and need some help but don’t have anyone to ask for help. Just let me know and I will cover a visit as well. Hope your trip to the ER today is over and that you have gotten help.

I hope you’re okay my friend. I’m worried about you.

ok went to the er and was sent home with pain meds and an antibotic. i was given the z pack and the middle dose of narco. i just had the highest dose of narco and when the pain got to where it is now it didnt help. so i am wondering if i will get much relief. i might need 2 to help. i am hopeing the z pack is the right antibotic the dr want going to give me one till i asked. i wasnt given anything but toradol for pain and it didnt help no suprise there it hasnt help any of my pains in a long time no matter what the pain was from. i did tell the nurse i was in alot of pain but either the dr never go the message or he chose not to give me anything stronger. i may go to another er if i cant get to sleep.

ok i think staying home tonight is not going to happen. between struggling to breathe and wanting tto cry from the pain i am about to lose my mind. i never knew a chest infection could hurt so bad for so long. a month of solid pain only to have it spread and hurt worse about half way through. how can that happen? it makes no since to me at all. all i want is to get over this infection. and have my chest pain gone is that too much to ask.

Did they do a chest X-ray and blood work? Sometimes they have to drain fluid, or it can become pneumonia if I understand it correctly. If I were you, I would go to a hospital you haven’t been to and say you’ve had pleurisy for four weeks and think you have a serious infection. I wouldn’t say anything about fibromyalgia. Keep us posted - worried about you.

the chest xray came back clear no pneumonia. the dr said it wouldnt shiw pleursy. but he could hear my lungs rubbing. i did read the same things about pleursy. it seems i dont have enough gas to get very far. and what i do have i would only b able to get to one er and its the one i try to avoid. the dr who works overnight is horriable and they onny keep one on at night. even the nurse told me how much of a jerk he is. i guess he is a big jerk to everyone not just patients. so i am stuck or now.

Do you have a friend who could take you? So sorry you’re suffering like this!

Eeyoreluver, please give us an update. I will also donate to the cause. And please, please find a way to get somewhere where you will get proper help. If I lived anywhere near you, I’d take you myself. I feel so helpless that I can’t help more, as I am sure others do also. Prayers and hugs are heading your way. Mary Beth