NEED HELP! Suggestions. . . .advice, remedies...quick

I am typing this as fast as I can so please excuse the typos but my hand is kiiling me.

I feel pressure in my right arm, like I can feel my blood and its tingling, there is pressure in between my wrist and my fingers . . .i normally apply pressure to my arm to relieve the pain bt after i js did it it started to hurt really bad. . reallybad. i screamed out hurts so bad. I dont know whay to do, it js hurts like crazy even to tupe this. .

any advice or suggestions as to how to treat the pain until I can get to an er

I would try ice - but I’m not a doctor. :frowning:

Sounds very frightening and painful! I hope you’re at the ER right now. Please keep us posted as I will keep checking back for updates. Worried about you…

not at the Er at home, applying accupressure. . . it's easing up but its still quite painful. .its so weird. .this pressure I feel like i am very aware of my blood flow and i can feel it. .. weord

that is scary… I hope the pain continues to subside. Take care and keep us posted.

Dear Mo,

I just found this, I hope that you are alright! I surely hope that you got to an ER without having to drive!

With all that is wrong with me, I do not really have pressure, except the tailbone, and that is stenosis.

As much as we would like to help, have no idea to tell you to put pressure on, take it off, use heat, use ice...

Please post just as soon as you can.

Sending our concern and our love to you and yours,


Honey, you really should go to the E/R tonight -- this doesn't sound right to me.

To come on suddenly, severe pain, and you can feel the blood flow? Sounds horribly painful and scary. Please have it checked out, and let us know !

How are you doing? Send me an email so I know you’re okay.

Did you see the doctor?


MoMerrell, I honestly don't know. I think it would be helpful if you went to your GP and told him/her about this to be sure it's fibro and not something else going on.

I do occasionally get a really quick, extreme pain in my arm or wrist when I have an Ace bandage on. It seems like the spot just can't stand the Ace bandage anymore and reacts with a quick, very intense jolt of pain. But it's only a short jolt and stops shortly after I take the Ace bandage off.

I too get pains like that. Sometimes I have shooting pains that come on all of a sudden. I have had chest pains that feel like I am having a heart attack but my heart tests out just fine. It is all very scary but I have gotten to the point where I attribute any pain I have to FM. I get tired of complaining and getting no answers.

I have looked to see if there are any docs that are FM experts in my area and the closest is in Tupelo, MS which is 5 or 6 hours away!

I have found that it is best to kind of just go with the flow and keep on going.

Gentle hugs to all

Dear Mo,

Was hoping to hear from you, hope you found something out.



I just had the WORST pain in my lungs yesterday - I am also asthmatic - so I have always assumed that this was part of the asthma...never considered fibro.... IT was so bad I almost went to the ER - but I took additional anxiety meds& muscle relaxers and it did recede some - so I thought I just had a really bad anxiety attack.... I do get ekg's at the primary care & pulmonaligist office - and a long time ago angina was explained to me.... but it still gets you worrying what it is.....

thanks for the insights

I get those chest pains too and it seems when I press on the tenderpoint near my breastbone and rib that I can duplicate the pain so it seems to be fibro.

I know Pet, sometimes I have horrible rib pain!!!! Whew!!! I just got crunched at the DC so I am sore today, but much straighter, not so lop sided!!

Hope you are having a good day, Pet!

Hey Mo Girl,

We're worried about you... please check in with us so we know you're ok?



She was on last night, but no posts. I know, I'm worried too, probably still hard for her to type!

WE care Mo!

That's scary! I hope you get it checked out if it continues.

Although fibro seems to fit in the darnest places!

Hope you feel better soon.

A crunch is a good thing, esp. when it makes you straighter! Good for you!

PS: I hope Mo got to the doctor and got the pain checked out.

Thanxs for the support guys, sorry took a few days to respond.

I never made it to the ER, I had to go the work the next day so I splinted my arm. It felt good to not have to move my wrist much. The pain was still there by morning but subsided during the day. I haven't used my wrists much nor made it to the ER. I hate going because they tell me the same thing all the time; "we found nothing on the xray or MRI to indicate pain"

I won't take medicine and none that I have ever taken has helped the pain in my arm or ankles so no need anyway.

Glad to have you guys here with me. . .

I experience this pain quite often and every time it is very painful and scary. It's unreal.

Mo, can I ask you to describe the pain to me, is it nerve pain, muscle pain, bone pain, tendon pain. Well I know sometimes we NEVER know, but can you describe it to me, please.

Is it made worse by heat or cold, certain movements?

I’m so glad you’re online. :slight_smile: And I know what you mean about tests coming back ‘normal’ and the frustration that it causes.
Nice to hear from you-