An update

Hi everyone,

It's been awhile since I've been on here. i just want to update everyone on what's been going on with me. A few months ago I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease causing spinal stenosis and 2 herniated disc in the L4-L5 and L5-S1 which also putting pressure on my nerve causing moderate to severe pain in my left leg. The spinal doctor suggested that I go to a pain management clinic to receive epidural injections in my spine if the pain Is consistent and medication doesn't help but my rheumatologist suggests doing 6 more weeks of physical therapy and if it doesn't help I should try the injection. I started physical therapy but I had to discontinue due to my surgery to remove an ovarian cyst. Since m surgery after feeling better my fibromyalgia symptoms feels heightened. Taking a shower is so painful because of the water pressure I've even noticed my skin turn red due to that. Even applying lotion to my skin is painful and its been really hard especially because of the cold weather in NY. I'm just wondering if any of you are experiencing these symptoms having fibromyalgia because it's new to me and I have a difficult time with this and I'm only 24 years old, it's heightening my depression symptoms and even waking up is harder in the morning because my body is more stiff than usual and my leg pain has increased.

I would really appreciate it if I got responses from you guys


I use mineral oil for my lotion (most lotions have alcohol as an ingredient) I buy it at Dollar General for $2. I just bought a shower head ($38) that has 9 different choices, one of them is like a light rain falling on me, which is WONDERFUL!!!

Have you talked to your Spinal MD about your Fibro? Your MD's NEED to know EVERYTHING about you to help you the best that they can!!!

Hope you feel better!!! M

Wow. This is my story... from the stenosis in L4-L5 to depression and fibro flare. I've done the injections (worked the first time, but the pain came back and it didn't work the next time). I've done physical therapy. I've done narcotics and non-narcotics.
I WISH I could say I've found something that works. I'm still looking.

I just started Gabapentin, which hasn't really helped much. I'm still on Norco, Meloxicam and Robaxin. I couldn't live without Meloxicam.

Hang in there. And if you want to talk more, just let me know...


Hi Donna,

I’ve had Spondlyothesis. They fused L4 to L5 and L5 to S1. Befor the surgery I had injections and PT. The best part of the injection was when they gave me the nova-cane. It numbed me for hours. I must say I was happiest after my surgery. I knew I would have no more pain. I think B4 surgery you have to go thru the PT and injections.

As for your skin issues, I’m not sure. I think you need to ask your doctor.

Please let me know how you make out with both issues.


Thank you guys so much for the advise and suggestions. I made an appointment to see my neurologist on Thursday and thanks luna01 on the idea of getting mineral oil and an adjustable shower head I will try that…my rheumatologist is he’ll bent on the idea of me not getting surgery cuz I’m so young but he suggested the spinal injections. When I find out more about everything I will update everyone

Thanks so much for the support!

Hi Donna,

Welcome back! Even though I probably wasn't around the last time you were here, I'm lilybit. I feel your pain, literally. It's especially awful when someone so young is stuck with these problem. I'm an oldster at 43! Ha! Go to pain management if your doc suggests it...I found physical therapy to be ridiculous...I was already doing the same thing in my yoga class. I've experienced similar symptoms, especially the heightened sensitivity. My daughter bought me some hemp lotion and it actually helps. I was skeptical at first, but it does relax my muscles.

good luck and lots of hugs to you!