Back pain

I've been reading about the connection of Fibro and back pain. I also have Spinal Stenosis in my lumbar spine, but the pain lately has been so bad that I can barely do anything but lay in bed. Anyone have any suggestions? I have a new doctor, but don't know how she relates to Fibro since we don't have very good communication. Actually, I'm looking for another dr. and hope there is a connection with him. Do you all have back pain, too? Would love to talk to someone who is going through the same thing I am. It's ruining my life.

Hello Jada,

Sorry to read about the problems you are having.

While I don't know much about spinal stenosis, I can tell you that I suffer with back pain as well. Many people with Fibro seem to, so I guess it is part of the condition. Mine is in my mid back - and it is always there. Have had MRI's to eliminate anything sinister.

Also I think you are doing the right thing in finding another Doc, it is very important, for this condition, that you do. Good luck, and let us know how you get on.

Take care, Anne

Thanks Anne! Yes, mine is mid to lower back and is a constant. I feel positive about finding a new doctor. I can't get in to see him for the first time until May, but hope it is a good change. Thanks for the kind words. Hope your pain can subside, too. Will let you know what happens with the new doc! Take care!

Hi Jada. I’m sorry you are having so much back pain; it is miserable, I agree. I don’t know if it is naturally a part of FMS for a lot of people or not. I had an emergency surgery due to a blown out disc & since then the orthopedist has told me that I have severe osteoarthritis in my spine & degenerative disc disease. I suppose all of these issues along with the fibro would be the source of most of my pain. It is quite consuming at times. I hope you find a good doctor that you feel comfortable with that will help you with suggestions to relieve your back pain. HUGS from Deb

As someone who also has stenosis of neck and back. I sympathize. I sometimes wonder why there are so many other issues within the Fybro diagnois. While stenosis is not part of Fybro, back pain is. Either way you cut it ,it does impact EVERYTHING else we already face within the Fybro matter. I recieve trigger injections, to my lumbar spine. They donot work for me. Since my insurance doesnot cover acupuncture,
( which I have been told do help) I have to now go into epidurals for spine and neck.
I see more Docotrs than I care to, and take more medicines that cause me concern,for the other organs in my body. However, while I try to move around as best I can, the pain is excruciating at times. I pray for one doctor that can treat ALL the ailments this diagnosis presents. I sincerely hope you can find rest in both mind and body. It helps if you have a friend whom you can lunch with on occasion, and laugh with on a daily basis.