Back Pain

I have had Excruciating back pain from the lower back to the top... for the last 3 months i have had trigger point injections, taken steroid injection, steroid pills, injection of some pain reliever and nothing has worked!!! they say its part of fibromyalgia is anyone else feeling this??? at times im in pain from my lower back, my hips all the way to my feet.. any one else/

yep have the same thing going on as I am writing this. Up most of the night with pain and it is getting old and unbearable. Dont have any advice just wanted to give gentle hugs (((((hug))))))

Fibromyalgia is a coward!!!! It wears many disquises. I often can't tell if my back hurts because of my disc problems or it its the Fibro.

I experience the same thing and it is getting very old.

I just was recently approved for disability and that helps a little from the stress, but then my family does not understand what I go through either.

It here is 11:08 am and I have been awake since 2:00 am. I got about 4 hours of sleep last night and I am exhausted but the pain will not let me sleep. I dream I am in pain.

Gentel hugs to you. I agree with the person who said Fibro is a coward.

I understand. Sometimes I am unable to sleep. Sometimes I wake up with tears because I have actually been crying in my sleep from pain.


Like you, I've been thru everything. Finally went to a pain mgmt. center whose doc thought my pain might be arthritis of the spine (I do have it) radiating down to the SI joint. So he's trying cauterization on me. This is week 3 and it takes 6 weeks to feel the effects. Weeks 1-3 were complete horrors, I can assure you. Worst pain imaginable, like your worst flare ever. I was beyatching and moaning on here nonstop about how awful I felt. Of course, I kept working and my job involves lifting 30 lb bags and running up and down stairs, so it might have been my fault too.

Now, starting into 4th week, I'm starting to feel the effects of the procedure. Starting to notice greater mobility, less pain in the SI joint area. Still have cramping pain in the buttock, which stinks. I'll keep you posted on how this procedure progresses.

I qualified for this procedure cause my back/SI joint flunked out of all of the other procedures. Nothing else worked. 5 years of pure misery. I don't know if this procedure would work for you or if your situation is the same, but it's worth asking your doctor about. Worth a try!

PS: Here's a link regarding the procedure:

I DO hope for improved SI mobility and much less pain for you. I truly know how devastating that pain is. I hope this procedure might benefit you! Let us know!

PG, I am glad it is finally working for you and that you are getting some relief.

Thank you, MBP. It is better this week. At least not flaring like crazy anymore and having better mobility and less pain. I hope this helps others as well!

Oh yes Love. It’s a burning pain that radiates. It’s like a constant ndian burn. And it starts low and gets stronger and stronger like someone has a dial and every 5-10 mins they turn it up a notch or two…I find that (sorry for my French) S.O.B I’m going to beat him snotless and tie him to an electrical tower and turn a sprinkler on him. Yes, I have a very evil imagination!

Firstly, if you turn a sprinkler on him, then the effects of the electrical tower won't be felt fully by Mr. SI Joint Pain. Secondly, you'll have to beat me to him cause I'm going after him first!

My SI joint pain feels like someone is grinding their knuckle bones into my buttock and SI joint as hard as they can, and then twisting, just for the heck of it. Indian burn is part of it, though, yes. Really stinks. My arthritic pain in the back is better but the stupid pain in the buttock is still there. Of course! Should have realized that the most annoying, long-term pain would hang on.