Sciatica & Fibro

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to get your feedback on sciatica, is anybody noticing constant issues with the sciatica nerve? I have been getting issues recently and wanted to know if fibro can be blamed for it.

I have lost of issues with muscle spasms but this seems to be getting everything so much complicated.

Your feedback is appreciated!

hi . i am not sure what is to blame actually.i have degenerate disease of the spine. when my doc saw my mri he said it had started a long time ago to get to where it is. i also have osteoarthritis and CFS. i dont really know where one pain started or began.Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) experience chronic musculoskeletal pain which is even more debilitating than fatigue.. so for me there is alot of reasons i have pain. I wish you all the best and i send to you BIG HUGGGGGGGGGGGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS


Thanks Suzie.....I have herniated discs in the neck and low back, I thought it was just pain from it however the pain the foot and ankle coming from the upper leg is really bad.......which I hadn't had before.


Hi Lovett,

Thanks, unfortunately my insurance is very expensive to visit a doctor so frequently, I try to do the ice therapy and anti-inflammatory unless is too bearable.

Call your MD's office so he/she knows you are dealing with this.

Sometimes if I lay on the floor with my hiney against the legs of a chair, knees bent & my calves & feet up on the chair seat, it somehow relieves the pain. Make sure you have the TV remote in one hand & a good book in the other. M

Hi emfs10, I used to get pain in my sciatic nerve very frequently. My previous Dr told me I was wearing the wrong shoes and I was standing all day. Now I wonder if I had fibromyalgia then and he never checked for it. I like the suggestion Luna01 gave, stretching on a chair. I have been doing a similar exercise with my legs straight up against the wall, also hiney against the wall.I do some deep breathing then I stretch my legs slowly towards my head as far as I can go then slowly back towards the wall. 3 to 5 leg stretches every evening. Then I do more deep breathing or I'll just stay there for a few min reading or emailing . I'd like to think that this helped my sciatic pain.


I too am having problems with my siatic...I have an appt. with my Dr. next month but I am pretty sure it's the firbro as I have never had back problems before.....but I am going to go get it checked anyway....the problem with Fibro is you never know if you are really injured or not...I have been having problems now for 3 or 4 mo....but was trying to see if it would work itself out but since it persists in being a problem I am going to the Doc...I can truly understand the financial burden of medical costs....but If you can't get your siatic to back really need to see the doc..