Two questions

Hi, I am Diane and I have been reading this discussion board for a few days. I think I am figuring out how it works.

I have experienced pain for many years and was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia about six year ago.

I am wondering about two things.

I had mono many years ago. Does anybody know if that might be related to now having fibromyalgia?

Secondly, I have asked my specialist several times about the pain in my feet and legs, and he indicates that it is not related. But on here, I have read a few things that suggest it is. My feet cramp up at night, waking me and forcing me to walk around until the cramp relaxes. In addition to that, my feet hurt after working all day ( and I sit as much as I am up, so I'm not on my feet all that much.) They also swell. I also get leg muscle cramps, sometimes in the calves, but by far the most painful, in the inner thigh. Is this part of the disease? Any suggestions on preventing the cramps? ( I drink water and eat at least one banana for extra potasium.) Finally, has any one figured out a way to stretch out a cramp in the inner thigh? It is so painful, I can't move, and haven't figure out a way to stretch my leg to release the cramp. It just finally stops, after what seems like eternal pain.

If anyone can answer even one of these questions, i'll be so appreciative! I have my six month appointment on Monday with the specialist, and I'd love to go armed with more information!

Thank you in advance for your help. I have quickly become aware of how warm and caring this group of people are. I am so very sorry for the pain that you all experience, and at the same time I am so relieved to have found someone who understands that my pain is real!

Very soft back rubs and gentle hugs!


Have the doctor check your potassium levels just to be sure. Serious illness seems to bring on fibro or some people have had wrecks or bad life experinces they do not no what really causes it I have a lot of trouble with my legs bothering me but it seems like if some thing works today it doesn't tomorrow. Have you tried aqua or physical therapy?

When I complained to my pulmonary/sleep doctor in May of bad leg cramps, he made me get a blood draw and test my iron levels. He said he was making sure the cramps weren’t from an iron deficiency. Thankfully, it was normal and his nurse called and said with it being normal it had to be the fibro. I’m sure your doctor will know what to look for when you go on Monday. Maybe if you try a hot bath or massaging the muscles before bed might help relax those muscles. I wish you the best, Diane. hugs~ Sandi :slight_smile:

I don't have insight into the cramps and pain you feel in your feet, but I suffered thru mono just 2 years ago. (at age 39!) There is research that suggests that Epstein-Barr virus (the virus that causes mono) can make a person very suseptible to fibro. Here's an excerpt from an article from the University of Maryland:

Certain factors may inappropriately trigger a person's stress response and contribute to the development of fibromyalgia, including:

  • Infections (Epstein-Barr virus, Lyme disease)
  • Physical trauma (such as a car accident)
  • Emotional stress
  • Hormonal changes (such as an underactive thyroid gland)
  • Medications

Source: Fibromyalgia | University of Maryland Medical Center
University of Maryland Medical Center
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Hi Diane and welcome! Anyone who suffers from fibro deserves some TLC from our group and we try to deliver!

In regards to your first question, no, I don't think that fibro and mono are related BUT mono and chronic fatigue syndrome surely are and if I'm not mistaken, CFS mimics fibro pain. And you can also have both at the same time. i found an interesting article about CFS and treatment of spasming muscles:

The doctor who wrote the article said that d-ribose and Co-Q-10 and magnesium were all useful in reducing those spasms. Now I'm not a medical person and only am sharing this article as a lay person, not an expert, but the article seems to be based in actual science and sound medical advice. Oh, and she also said that an under-active thyroid could cause this sort of pain, so it's probably worth looking into as many people with fibro have underactive thyroids.

Also have you had your Vitamin D level checked? Many of us are also very deficient in Vitamin D, and that alone can cause cramping. One of my doctors gave me a super duper dose of Vitamin D once a week for a month, so my Vitamin D levels could return to relatively normal levels.

I hope that you find an answer to your spasming muscles especially that one in the thigh because that seems like an awful place to get one (very tender at the inner part of the thigh.)

Rosie, that's very interesting and thanks for sharing it. This is literally the first time that I've seen the Epstein Barr virus linked to fibro. (If that is the case, then would it be safe to give blood? I must remember to ask my doctor about this.)

I read the article that you linked. It is very interesting and full of ideas that are new to me. I have had my Vitamin D level checked previously and it has been OK. My iron count varies and I have had to take strong iron supplements before. For me, I think the stretching, exercising the muscles, and avoiding sugar because of the possiblities of hypoglycemia will be a way to start making some changes. Thanks to all of you for your time and thoughts, as well as your good wishes. I will continue to look for more ideas. Thank you!

Hi. Welcome to the group. I am also new.
I have learned a lot about this illness through experience and lots of research .
There are days that I experience pain through my entire body, especially my legs and feet.
I believe that we know alit more about this disease than the doctors. I don’t think they have studied it much and I don’t blame them, there is not much to study. Unfortunately there is not a good way to prove our pain or explain it to someone that doesn’t have it, there is no way people could imagine this. It affects every part of us, it makes no sense. In my opinion, the different aches and pains I feel seem impossible.
Anyway, I have a lot of fibro fog today so I can’t say too much. I think if you can get on the internet and this site and do some research, it may make u feel better. Any new symptoms i get, I google it with fibro and it all seems to be connected.
I have been so grateful for this website. I feel very alone with my disease in my personal life and am so relieved that I can talk to people that truly understand.
Good luck to you, so glad you’re here. Gentle hugs;)

Btw, I have seen several specialists and they all tell me to exercise. I’m like duh, that seems to be the only answer I get.
I have an amazzzzing family doc. She listens and learns from me, she has tried everykind of med combo without looking at me like an addict. She is not a know it all and realizes people are different. I don’t think she knows much about fibro, but that’s ok. I tell her my symptoms and she doesn’t try and put me in a category. She treats my symptoms.
I don’t think it matters much about what kind of doc, it just needs to bea good one.
There is truly no way to study this disease unless you have it.

I also have cramps in my legs and feet. Really not a fun way to wake up. I'm terrified of stretching because of the cramps it causes. I can't kneel on my knees because it causes my feet to cramp.

I've always assumed it's some odd fibro thing (not always the best assumption) At the very least, the pain is more intense because of the fibro.

It's expensive (and painful), but I've had great results from getting a massage. I does hurt, but it loosens the muscles enough they don't spasm so much- though the results aren't as long lasting as I would like.

When I get these cramps, I've found standing with the leg straight, foot flat helps- it Hurts, but it stretches it out and helps it calm down. With the inner thigh I would guess that standing with leg straight then bend over? Just a guess, but it should stretch it out.

As for your feet, mine also hurt most of the time. If I sit or stand too much they swell, if I stand they hurt, when I sit I get spots that ache (wherever they touch the ground). I've found if I have them up as much as possible they feel better (as long as the feet aren't actually touching the foot stool)

I'm glad to hear that you found some good info within this article and with our members. And I definitely hope you can reduce or eliminate your leg and feet cramps! If I don't drink enough water, I end up with leg cramps that wake me up in the morning. So I know how nasty they are and can't imagine having to suffer from them on such a regular basis as you do. Hopefully something here will work and your body will click back into place as far as the cramps go.

Thank you for your words of encouragement. I am going to try taking magnesium pills, doing some stretches, and today I began a walking program that I am determined to continue.

Wishing you the best!