Getting very afraid and worried

typing with my left hand so excuse any typos...well my hand still hurts ad worse. i've been to two different hospital ER's and the dr.s js enter..put their hands in their pockets and say..."well I dont know." Wtf....they r dr.s right...because i havent had any trauma they r stumped and they wont give me a mri bcus i have one scheduled next wk instead of just doing it....this pain is excrutiating..i cannot move my fingers,, i cant let my wrist fall below my boobs or it will hurt more...the pain has shifted..its now bn in 3 diffrent spots with each swollen area getting worse...nothing helps..doc gabe me ultram..took it..did nothing but put me to sleep...i cant eat...i cant breathe head afraid something is really wrong here...this shouldnt be happening esp without any trauma and it seems like no dr will help me..i have one more hospital to go to in hopes that someone helps me....if i can get dressed..very hard to with one hand...i cant even cry anymore cause that hurts....why wont they help me?

i left work yesterday... i cant go to school and do my final.. i really wanted to end with two A's to have a 4.0 for 30th bday is thurs and its looking like my plans will be canceled...smh

You need to get to that other hospital as soon as you can. This is insane that they are not helping you. Do what Melody said -- play up the symptoms, and I wouldn't mention the Fibro. Scream and cry in pain, whatever you have to do to make someone LISTEN. Please keep us posted, we've been worried since this started with you.

Mo, I'm really worried about this. What if you have an underlying infection? It's INSANE that the docs just put a "bandaid" on the issue and send you home.

I wouldn't mention the fibro at all. As another person said, make sure you mention the meds you're on though. Cry if you must. Say you are in agony. Say you won't leave unless you are treated. Then, if all else fails and they try to discharge you, threaten to call the newspapers or local news stations (the ones who help people with local problems) if they won't do anything.

I'm just appalled by the treatment you're getting and HOPE you get it straightened out ASAP. If you cannot, is there another hospital that someone could drive you to, outside of your area?

PS: PLEASE let us know how you are doing!!!

i feel horriabe you r going through all this. do we both have drs with no medical training and dont care about their patients? i can not believe u r not gettting treated for your wrist. that drs wont even seem to try to help you. i really hope this other er helps you. i cant imangine what u r going through having all these problems and the drs just say they dont know. u dont need trama to have whats going on. there could b lots of reasons. did even draw blood to see if there was an infection? i will pray u get an answer and relief soon. there is no way that this is fibro i know fibro can cause swelling but not what u r describing.

i will go to the other hospitAL. i just woke up..the only thing tht helps is to be sleep but now i have a migraine from the meds..smh i nw have to keep a rolled towel under my arm to lift it up more..i am truing to eat now as i am very hungry..the pain has grew to my elbow now...i already made the decision that i will not leave the hospital until a doctor gives me a rsn...i agree tht i will kp fibro out the picture and i never take meds to have to hide them but i always tell docs whst i am taking...gonna eat this yogurt n try to get dressed...thnx..will kp ya postd

I'm just so upset thinking of your situation! This is not right. You don't fob someone off who has swelling and a lot of pain. Swelling shows that something is amiss. Pain does as well.

Mo, good luck tonight. Please get them to listen. I am so worried about you and your situation.

BACK FROM THE ER. . . .this doctor was the most helpful of them all. She explained that the reason no one has been able to help me is because without trauma its hard to pinpoint the many reasons why i could have pain BUT she did an examination (the first to do so) and she believes it's carpal tunnel and suggested U tell the hand clinic that i do not need the MRI but instead a velocity and nerve test to determine why the pain is so severe. She was caring and very attentive. . .maybe its because she is the first woman doctor I've seen. . . .she gave me an 800mg of Ultram and a percocet, I had such a bad migraine that the lights had to stay off. .the meds knocked the pain out and I feel okay now. The pain in my arm has gone down a bit to function enough to put on pjs and fix myself something to eat. A friend picked me up from the ER so I didnt have to take public transit home. . .I am feeling better. She also suggested that my line of work may not be suitable for me anymore because the repetition will continue to cause pain. . well i got AN answer and thats all I wanted. . something I can sleep on. Now off to eat something before my stomach falls out of itself and then to bed! I am going to file that disability claim that i was putting off.

I am upset that i have to take off work because I have bills due and cannot pay them. . .on that note, I dont know what I am giong to do but I cannot work with one hand. . .

as always thanx for the support, I don't know what I would do without you guys to support and comfort me. I know the pain will come back tomoro when the meds wear off but for now I will enjoy the first day out of the last week of almost ARM pain free. . .still hurts but not as bad.

Dear Mo,

I cannot remember, but tell me please, have you been to a Neurologist?

Another idea, an orthapedic doctor knows his tendons, I wonder if that is the cause of my wrist pain?

no I havent

I saw the hand doc last week. . .he is the one who ordered the MRI but I am going to ask him to test for carpal tunnel. . . .when I went to see him the pain was not as bad nor was the swelling so he did not see what I can see now.. ..

Mo, I'm glad you got a doctor who listened to you and showed some real interest in your situation and suggested a possible cause of the pain.

Did you injure the wrist at any point in time? The reason I'm asking is that I still have fresh pain from older injuries and wonder if what you have is exacerbated by the stupid fibro? (Old injury that is still getting pain signals, courtesy of fibro.)

I thought your supervisory position got rid of the physical aspect of your job? If not, that stinks! At any rate, when you file for disability, make sure you add this new injury to the list, as it would be darned hard for you to carry out your responsibilities one handed, as you say.

I hope the new diagnosis is correct and you can get some relief with rest, PT and some meds. I feel better knowing that it's not an infection or something dangerous. Thank goodness!

Sleep well tonight. Tomorrow is another day. Good luck with it.

Mo, quick suggestion: get a photo of the wrist and swelling if you can, just in case it decides to go back to normal before your hand doc visit. This way you'll have documented the injury. (Could be useful for your disability claim too, I imagine.)

SK: It's certainly worth checking into! With all of the typing and other routine jobs we do with our wrists, it wouldn't be a stretch to think that you could have carpal tunnel syndrome.

I’m so glad you’re back home and feel comfortable. Thank goodness you found a compassionate doctor. What a terrifying situation to be in- please take care and keep us posted.

I have learned from experience to take a picure of the swelling, redness, or any other noticable problem, in case it is NOT there when you go to the Dr. May help.

We are all really trying to get you to the right place, for some relief!

this is such a great idea. cause i think it would also help show how it progressed. and this is great advice for anyone. i guess u would b better to have started in the beginning of Mo's hand swelling and redness but cant hurt to do it now.