Had doc appt to go over MRI results.

obviously everything was fine as it always is even though my left hand is starting to hurt like my right hand.

Start hand physical therapy next week.


I quit pt when it started making my back kill way worse. I started a new med and it seams to help with everything but my back so I told my doc at my follow up and he sent me for X-rays on my lumbar and thoracic ine (I have an old herniated disc) I also have weekends in my legs and obviously the pin in my back along with a band of pain that includes my back, ribs and sides. I got the results and the lumbar spine was negative and the thoracic shoes disc degeneration where my herniation is. He said it could cause my band of pain but really shouldn’t cause it should be lower and he can’t explain the muscle weakness in my legs. I am suppose to do excersises and he will see me at my next follow up in six months unless I need to come in and we my need to have a repeat MRI on that spot. Last night it was so bad I was almost in tears and I think I’m gonna need that MRI but I would hope they would check my whole spine and not just that spot. Sorry this is so long it started short in my head. Good luck in your pt.

Good for you Mo! Just remember when to stop, don't let them push you too hard! Hope it is very successful for you!