Finally went to the ER about my arm/hand. .

The pain started up again so I went to the Er around 9pm. Doc told me that since it's not a bone issue, it's the tissue surrounding the bone that's inflamed and quite badly to cause pain by just touching my arm. Which of course I figured it was the tissue as well I have a lot of tissue damage, right.. . .he suggested that I see a hand specialist as the last time I seen one was when I was first diagnosed 8 yrs ago. I am going to make an appointment soon. I agree with him that's its time for another exam by a hand specialist.

He suggested I splint my arm, as I have been doing but for about a week straight and to completely stop using my hand. Which would be easy if I wasn't right handed but I am going to keep it splinted and try my best to not move the wrist until I see the doc.

He prescribed me naproxen which I won't take. Had he prescribed something I have never tried before I would have lifted my medicine ban to see what it does but I do not fancy naproxen at all and for damn sure not 500mg's.

I can work with the brace on because since I'm not cleaning (although I did today. . .and BAM onset of pain because I cleaned my 16 rooms in half the time. we get a half hour per room and we start at 8am, I was supposed to be done at 3 (because stay=overs are 15mins) but because I was so ready to get out of there I pushed through my 16 rms and were done at 1. Then another girl went home sick earlier so we all pitched in to finish her rooms and I did 4 more. 20 rooms by 2pm when I should have been done around 4 or 5. . .so that brought on the extra pain in my arm. however I am done with the cleaning part of my job and will stick to the supervising)

I have been planning on applying for disability again, I know they will deny me, AGAIN (and yes I've already did the lawyer thing too) but I have to keep trying because I keep getting worse.

So my hand journey continues. .. I shall keep ya posted when I know whats up, for now I am going to retire the typing for a full week (because it sucks to type with one hand : p ) but I wil log back on in a full 7-8 days and hopefully with some good news like the inflammation has subsided. . .

have a good week!!

Be sure to include your sickle cell anemia in with your disability claim. Can't hurt and may help.

Is the tissue inflammation possibly related to sickle cell anemia? I'm just wondering if there are reasons for what's going on with you that tie in with your family history.

I'm glad to hear that you're done with the housekeeping aspect of your job. There's no way that you should be doing it when you have fibro and God knows what else.

Well, it looks like you're making a little progress with things. I hope the splint helps. Take it easy and don't over do things.