Heading to see the Hand Specialist tomorrow. . . .wish me luck!

I was lucky to snag an appointment with a hand specialist tomorrow at 8:15am!! I was in so much pain yesterday that I couldn't think straight. I was screaming and yelling and then I had to baby sit my niece so imagine watching a 5 month old with one hand! she kicked my hand on more than one occasion and i screamed a lot but my 10yr old and her 9yr old brother were my right hands (literally) lol.

The pain has subsided significantly today but it's still there. I am now thinking its a cyst. My hand is swollen in one specific area and to touch it brings about great pain. I have it wrapped loosely now for padding in case I rub up against a wall and my math prof is letting me take my final monday which was supposed to be done today so I am lucky to get a few more days to study . . . .and im going to ask my business prof if I can turn my last essay in late because using my hand for more than 5 mins is killer!!!

Anywho I am hoping the docs can find a solution. I also feel the same pain coming on in my left hand but since I use my right hand more I figure it's hurting sooner. . . so nervous. I don't know what to expect, what to hear, what to do to heal it. My 30th is next thursday and I had plans of great relaxation, I'd hate to be in pain. . . .

will let you know how it goes. .