An article i seen online about FM. i just want opinions on it

ok someone go read that article and give me your opinion on it. is it helpful or a load of crap? or do you think what is being said is beneficial in some way. i just dont know what to make of it. no one can tell me how i feel when they dont have FM. i hate when people try to explain but they have no clue. thats like me trying to explain how it is to have a baby to all you parents and i dont have a child and never went through it. of course i can give my opinion but thats all it is. an opinion......

Tell me guys, what do you think about natural remedies and the fact that FM can be healed?

click here to see the article. i dont know what to make of it. good or bad.

Sorry hun but i think its a load of twaddle. Some bits are true more by luck than design but most of its not for me. I am all for herbal remedies that work for you but used in conjunction with meds. If they could heal fibro they would have a ten mile queue. I laughed at the bit you need to feel, i feel but i wish i didn’t obviously not a sufferer. If you spend a fortune in there store and anything works let us know, but i wont hold my breath.
Good luck

I LAUGHED SO HARD READING THIS. i dont believe a word of it at not. not by luck. but someone referred me to their page. i didnt know what to make of it. i didnt know if i was over exaggerating or being a little harsh to think it was just allll off. after the first few lines i had my mind made up but i wanted to ask you others as well thats going thru the same thing your opinion to see if i was just being unreal.

thanks guys .... and no i wont be ordering a thing. i dont believe something like vitamins and herbs can do the job. im right with you nicola. then we wouldnt need a cure right. lol

Awe sometimes it’s better just to stay away from the articles. I find more help here then I do with articles like that.

Thank god. I was trying to be sensitive not easy when you have had foot in mouth disease since birth. I have my opinions but all that i have seen in my life if it works for you great. I try not to impose my views on other people or burst thier bubble. But what a load of b****cks.

I didnt want to laugh too hard as some people swear by horoscopes. I wish someone would tell my fibro that i am scorpio so it needs to leave.

Over the years i have seen all ads for bracelets, diets, exercise regimes, pills even water to cure fibro. They have one thing in common they cost. And no money back guarantee lol. They make me feel better about myself as there are people worse off than me. It must be really hard o get through life as stupid as that author. Lol

It does annoy me that they are targeting people at there lowest. I wouldnt be tempted now but years ago i would have sold my nan or a cure. My mum still says i found this or that bless her she only wants to help. I think we should keep our eye out for them and post about them to look out or the others.


I tend to be leery of " professionals" who are selling something.

Is he a doctor? Nope Is he an astrologer? I googled him and his "list of skills made me laugh". Planets? REALLY?I'm a scorpio so what planet determines where my pain lies?

He also seems to be of the opinion that women should be in the kitchen with lots of children waiting eagerly for the man to return home from work so that we can fulfill our sense of usefullness....COME ON.

I'm glad to see that you didn't take this wierdo seriously. Although he did have a pretty good in-depth description of a lot of our symptoms. I actually thought it was looking like a good article until I read on.

We should post this as Susan's COMEDY FOR THE DAY LOL

HUGS Teesa



I guess all of us women with fibro have it because we decided to join the work force....LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE?

This guy should open up a comedy act.