Another lyrica post

Hello everyone,

I know there are plenty of posts on here about lyrica and i've tried to keep up with reading them, I just have a question. I started lyrica last night, a 75 mg capsule, and I woke up feeling 'out of it'. Like fibro fog and a bit of vertigo added together! I know it's messing around with my brain chemistry, so i'm not too surprised to feel like this, but I wanted to see if others had this kind of side effect. Thanks!

Hi Emma,

This is not unusual. Hopefully you will quickly adjust, if you can tolerate it, it is a great help with nerve pain!

Well, I was incredibly fatigued when I first started taking it. Vertigo was also a biggie for me. Sometimes I also felt out of it. I would definitely contact your doctor if it keeps up and ask if it should be affecting you as it is.

Thank you for the replies SK and Petunia :) I can always count on at least one of you to answer! I'm feeling much better today, not nearly so out of it so it just must have been my body getting used to a wonky new drug.

I just picked up my stash today and this will be my first try taking it. I’m to start with one 25 mg. at night in the morning and night for a week, then increasing to 2 , 2 times a day for a week and then 3 for a week and then 4. Hoping the side effects won’t be so severe if I start gradually, as I’ve had problems with other drugs to treat Fibro. I won’t mind the sleepiness at night, but won’t like it in the morning. Nor will I like the weight gain that can happen. Is it because you’re hungrier or is it water weight? Don’t think adding more weight to limbs that are hurting will help!
I hope the symptoms go away soon for you and you get some relief!

I was on Lyrica....I only took it once because it made me hallucinate. We have many older customers in our Home Improvement business and they are on Lyrica.....and they definitely act like they are out of it so we are leary doing work for them because we don't feel like they are in "the right state of mind" to make financial decisions for us to do work. That's all I got! Hope this helps!


Sandi, I didn't gain weight while on Lyrica. It wasn't until I was put on Nortriptyline that my appetite went wild. So I guess everyone reacts differently to Lyrica. And I'm not sleepy in the morning either. And my "out of it" phase passed once I got used to being on Lyrica.

I just made the switch from Cymbalta to Lyrica. For me it helps much more with the stiff/body pain. I did find myself grazing on food more thoughout the days… But come day 3 I finally realized I was munching on little bits to get rid of a dry and metalic taste in my mouth. Now I’m on week 3 and it’s better, but I still do have more munchies than before. I’m just trying to stay aware… But my favorite change was that my fatigue, it was better, but that also has leveled back down a little…

Thank you for the reply. I did feel out of it the first day, i'm feeling much better today though :). Still a little off, forgetting words, but I do that anyway thanks to fibro fog!

I've read different opinions. Some people gain weight, some people are able to stay level. I do think it can mess with some people's metabolism, but i'm not a doctor :) hopefully if we can keep on top of it we wont gain weight!

I've been feeling much better today too, i'm hoping this will continue. I think your right, that the trick is just keeping on top of snacking. I haven't had a metallic taste, but thats such a common side effect of just about everything. Glad to hear it's helped you some :)

Starting at a low dose is very wise, Sandi. I started with 150 and had a big adjustment period!

I was on it 3 years ago when I was first diagnosed and in denial. At that point I had never had any issues of depression or need of psychiatric help. Within 6-8 weeks of being on it. I tried to take my own life. To the point of flat lining for 7 minutes. My advice, be very careful.