Appreciating the good days


I wanted to share that I have learned so much from this site and all the wonderful, supportive individuals that have made me feel welcome.

Today, I would say, was a 85-90% good day. I woke up with severe back pain that slowly went away (with meds) before my hubby and I went over to my mom's house to watch the football game and play board games. To be honest, when I woke up, I was somewhat dreading the day and what it might bring. Would I be up for company, socializing and activites? I am thankful that I was and had a great time! I was able to watch a movie with my hubby tonight, eat popcorn and not fall asleep during the movie (shocking, because I usually fall asleep). I did experience some anxiety about the coming work day tomorrow, but my anxiety medication helped a lot with that. I feel like I'm in a good state of mind tonight and am semi-ready for what tomorrow will bring. I already have a full plate of work ahead of me for tomorrow morning so I need to hit the ground running when I get to work. Will I be prepared for that? I don't know; but I'm going to think positive and say "Yes I will!". Even if today was only a 20-30% good day, what was good about it? I'm going to try and make a list each day of things that went good, even if the "bad" side of the list is a lot longer. As a disclaimer, this is not saying I'm always going to be positive because nobody can be positive all the time, but I'm going to try.

Did anyone have anything good happen to them today? It doesn't matter how small or large. I would love to hear it : )

Talk to you soon,


Hi Sara I am really glad you had a good day and are thinking positive. I had beautiful fall weather and enjoyed the outdoors. Hugs.

Sara, thanks for posting this, hon. A positive attitude sure does go a long way!:slight_smile:

What an absolutely wonderful thread, thank you for starting this. I am very happy to hear that you had a good day. I try and do what you are doing, find the good and positives in a day. I had a great day yesterday, was able to do some yard work getting prepared for winter, and made a fabulous dinner and laughed so much with my daughter, that the memory of that still makes me smile. I hope your day is wonderful, and thanks for making me smile. Hugs/

Thank you for replying and the well wishes for a good day : ) I'm am so happy to hear of your happy events and days you had as well. It is nice to hear your stories and smile when I read them. The song "Happy" by Pharrell comes to mind when I think about the good days. I don't know if you have heard it, but it is a very upbeat, uplifting song about feeling good and celebrating feeling good. Today, is another good day! I have a decent amount of energy, I'm able to focus at work and am getting tasks accomplished. I feel like I have the energy not only for myself today, but a little to give to others. My pain level is very low too. Let's hope it continues; but like I said, even if today takes a turn for the worse, I'm going to remember this moment right now and how I'm feeling. I'm sending good thoughts your way and sending some positive energy into the universe. Thanks for being there for me, in good times and bad.