Arousal overdrive

Sorry If this is too much info but I need to know if anyone has had anything like this before.

So for the last couple of days my pain has taken a very weird turn normally my pain is just bad one minute then kill me know the next with really little in between. So know my pain is staring as arousal then gets worse and worse. Then it is a slicing down the middle pain then goes to kill me oh good kill me like normal. Has anything like this happened to anyone else.

Please any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi Youngone, I read your post a few times and I’m not sure I’m following you… Are you asking if our pain can go from just ok, to unbearable without kinda a middle ground? If so, yes… Depending on the situation, if I’m in a very stressful moment may pain can for sure without warning sky rocket, or if I’m out doing something and i know Iv already used up all my spoons ( the spoon theory ) my pain will get worse.
I hope this helps, actually when I think about it, one min my pain can be ok, then 5 min later I’m hurting, it usually does relate to what I have been doing.
Hugs & blessings

Not exactly i know the pain comes and goes what I am asking is if anyone's pain has ever manifested as genital arousal. To the point that "I;m turned on and I want to die cause it hurt so bad." I know the pain is everywhere. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else.

I think you are very, very brave to bring this up. Kudos to you. Without the prompt I would have never discussed this issue. Here goes. I have never had just my typical fibromyalgia pain start or end as arousal but I have had significant pain during climax. I know...ridiculous and I am way to embarrassed to ask the doc about that one. Please be braver than me and ask your doctor. God bless.