Ask God to help, He's a real Friend!

October 16, 2012

Hi, Friends,

Don't you dare give up. The answer is already on this earth to help you to manage and overcome the effects of fibromyalgia on your body. You are in control of what happens, so begin to look at your body in a new way. Learn the lessons of each day, and put them into practice every new day God allows you to live here. He put you here with a purpose, gave you all you need to accomplish that purpose, and nothing, or no one can prohibit you from accomplishing all that God sent you here to do. He expects you to be willing to share with us all that you have learned and are learning each day. Sharing with us makes you stronger, helps you strengthen your faith. Don't be afraid to share your deepest thoughts, fears, or concerns. Most of us have been challenged by the same things, and learned to overcome the obstacles, with the aid of our Best Friend at our side to carry us along when we do grow weak from all the struggles. When we needed Him the most is when we can find Him the closest to us, even in us, in our heart.

If you have not met HIm yet, then find a quiet place where there are no distractions, and pour your heart out to Him. He is a real Friend, Confidante, Comforter, and Teacher. He loves you. Ask Him where He is. Ask Him to show Himself to you in a way you can understand. Ask Him all your questions. Cry a little. Tell Him all that concerns you. When He sent you here He sent you equipped to solve all that you would encounter down here. Ask Him to show you where can you find the answers you need, how to overcome this pain, how to live with this affliction. He wants to help you. So many times we look to the medical community for answers to our problems, when we need to ask Him. He made our body, and knows how to live in it. We are His child, and He loves us. Don't go by your feelings, because they will send you in another direction.

If you haven't met Him yet, don't give up. Just keep on talking to Him, then tell Him you love Him, and trust Him to answer your questions. Then, after having your cry time, ask Him to come into lyour heart and clean it up for His abode down here. He wants to be with all His children, love them, care for them, guide them, and carry them. He has your best interests in His heart, and has given ;you all that you need to prosper and live in victory over this world. He needs you to ask for His help. And guess what? All He wants you to give Him, is to give Him your heart for a dwelling place! Quite a bargain, I'd say. Try to talk to Him, open up to Him just like you open up your heart to that psychiatrist you visit. If you take the time to find Him, He will come to you in a marvelous way. He gave you your agency, won't take that away from you. You have to ask Him to take over your life and teach you how to live and overcome all the obstacles that come before you. He can talk, and often does, into your mind. When you begin to hear Him, do what He tells you to do. It may seem a bit unusual, but do it anyway. The more you ask, listen, and do what He says, the more blessings you will have come into your life, and the more people struggling just like you were, will be blessed. All that you wish for, pray for others, you will get for yourself, and much more besides! God is good! You can overcome these things. Just don't give up. Life is a tremendous blessing, and an opportunity to help someome, just like our Father helps us when we allow Him to. Take His hand, and walk with Him into your many tomorrows. Each day can bring new miracles your way. Just look around you, pay attention, and ask Him to let you see them. They are all around you.