For those of you who suffer the neck and shoulder pain (with or without a headache) here is something that might help. A few years ago when I was still working and sitting at a computer all day and suffering debilitating headaches that went to my neck and shoulders, someone suggested Aspercreme to me. I thought to myself -" yeah right, something like this isn't going to help." Well, it did. It is odorless and no greasy so doesn't stain your clothes. When I rubbed it in, I could actually feel the pain rising out of my muscles. I used the extra strong one.

And everyone I had suggested it to came back to me to say that it worked for them also. Don't know why it worked. Didn't care why.

Just thought I would pass this along because we need every bit of relief we can get.

Also, I agree with PG's suggestion of Tiger Balm. It works. Especially for those of us who want to keep our husband at arm's length at night because it smells so strong no one wants to get near you.



I use OTC Sports Cream, Aspercream did not like my skin, or my skin did not like it. But the Sports cream does help a bit!

Hahaha! I have just got some tiger balm, but no hubby, so it will just help me stay single longer then lol. I will have a look for aspercreme. Anything's worth a go! (within reason...)

Cheers Jo Jo!

thanks for passing on the helpful info. its always nice to find out something new that helps. and from someone who has fibro.